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  • I've been asked to set up IM support for our helpdesk. I don't want to use the Kaseya provided IM client b/c the users will have to select the tech by name and also doesn't provide any type of events for when no one's logged into IM at that time. I've looked at OpenFire as a possible solution, I've set it up before for another customer and it works fine, but I've never had to intergrate it into Kaseya.


    what are other helpdesk using for IM tickets if they're using it at all? The task Master of this also wants a nice little popup box for IM like Dell support. Should I tell him to hold his breath? Is there something that will do that or is that a custom built software? 

  • We use the built-in IM, There is the option to hide yourself from your clients, that way they will not send you a message when your not there.  Our company has a dispatcher that creates tickets and assigns to the most qualified tech.  Users go to chat feature and see the dispatcher logged in and that is it, the dispatcher is always logged in and always available so there is no worry of chats not being responded to.

  • Take a quick look at LivehelpNow www.livehelpnow.com it provides Chat, Knowledgebase and Ticketing - works pretty well and is cheap to run.

  • gbath -

    Built-in IM?  Please elaborate...

    Are you talking about messaging another Kaseya user from the Info Center dashboard, or am I missing something in the way of a cool feature?

  • We used to use Kayako as a ticketing system, it has a nice little chat feature. We left it because it needed to much work to be useful for what we do, and ConnectWise is much better suited.  We kept the chat feature around for a while but eventually abandoned that as well,  as it was just one more thing to take care of.  Sadly it does not integrate with Kaseya or Connectwise.  

  • Sorry if I may have confused anyone, I was referring to the chat feature in the remote control tab, anyone that has the agent on their system can double click and choose to chat with an admin, if you go to the chat option you can select to hide yourself from other users and/or other admins, we choose to hide from the users.  When a client right clicks or double clicks the agent they can only see our dispatcher and no one else.  If you were setting up a helpdesk you would have only the people running said station to be visible to clients, that's how we do it.  Good, bad or indifferent it seems to work well for us since some tech's do forget to log out when they do an onsite call or go for lunch but this system seems to work well for us.

    jhardee - no not that option, it is in "Remote Control - chat"