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Kaseya to Autotask Integration

  • I was wondering how Kaseya/Autotask Users are getting tickets created in Autotask from Kaseya. What I want to have happen is that when a User creates a ticket in Kaseya by sending an email to support@xyz.com that Kaseya sends an email to Autotask and it creates a ticket. Autotask has configured Kaseya2AT but the tickets are not getting created in Autotask.



  • Hi BillMccl,

    What's your Autotask domain name (the part after the @ sign) you use to login? I'll take a look at your Kaseya2AT setup and be sure you're set correctly.

    As for the setup of emails to tickets, you simply set Kaseya to forward any alerts/tickets to yourdomain.com@kaseya2at.net and they'll be turned into Autotask tickets.

    If you want more control over the routing of the emails (the ability for your customers to email a reply to an existing Autotask ticket, as well as capturing screenshots and attachments, among others), you might look at our Email2AT product. It was designed specifically for customers to email into Autotask.


    MSPintegrations (Kaseya2AT)

  • We got it working.