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6.1 and Chrome

  • gharris - I'm not running into issues with RC and Chrome and wondering what might be going for you.  I'd be happy to look into it for you if you'd like.  PM me off list, if you would, with the version of Chrome you're running and any errors.  I'll see what I can find out.

  • It isn't an issue with the vesion of Chrome.  RC will not work for anyone using any version of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, it only works in IE.  Why ?  Because RC uses ActiveX which is an IE only creature.  Becareful not to confuse RC with KLC, KLC works fine in Chrome.  RC works if you want to manually download and run the dll every single time but that is the only work around.

  • I'm using 'Chrome IE Tab Multi' plugin and turn on AutoURL for the KLC pages. In our setup, I added *guardianit/KLC/* to my AutoURL list in the plugin (guardianit is the name of the VSA). What this does is allow me to open any KLC page in an activex-enabled tab within Chrome while using native Chrome pages for the rest of Kaseya.

    Plugin page:


  • And if you want your RC page to open using Chrome IE Tab Multi is to add the following line to your AutoURL options in the plugin (of course use your own server name):


  • http://chromeplus.org/ works well for me

  • Latest google chrome update causes plugin to crash, not good

  • It appears to specifically be the Live Connect Task Manager that causes the crash.

  • yes it is the task manager. I already have an open ticket with kaseya on this. They are working on the fix and are in final testing of the patch. the patch will be a hotfix today.

  • hotfixes are posted to fix chrome 10 issues with KLC... I just tested it, all working again. Also, KLC now works in Chrome 11.x

  • for legenct remote, try this as an alternative to having to open the noactivex files manually.

    I just started testing this chrome extension, so far it works good. This adds activex for chrome for specific pages and doesn't require the full IE extension like IE Tab. ALl you do is put the URL of your VSA in the options and it works pretty good. The old remote control page now auto-loads the activex and fires right up.