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Kaseya 6.1 Upgrade - the good the bad and the ugly

  • Upgraded from 5.1 to 6.1 last weekend. Had the worst upgrade ever. First it started with an error on the reporting service. Had to reinstall my SQL etc. After that still didn't work. Called Kaseya Support and a John fixed it for me (after 4 hours). After that i could finally login to K6.1. But then the trouble started. I lost all my scripts (even after reapplying the scheme). Also KLC didn't work properly. My browser was stuck every time and it was not acceptable for Portal Login users.

    Then i removed K6.1 and reinstalled 5.1. Restored the DB and everything looked good. But around 300 agent were already updated and the name was turned around. Had to replace around 300 KaseyaD.ini on the local machines (that was sunday from 16:00 to 23:30 PM).

    Next day (monday) i still had a few agent training in with wrong groupname (about 20 or 30). Also about 54 agent had trouble logging in on the kserver. Had to reinstall them completely. Agent seem to be online but the scripts wouldn't run.

    So I'm getting a Pacemaker first when I'm trying to do the update again.

  • Sounds like a not very fun weekend.  We discussed doing an upgrade but having upgraded our old versions quite a few times previously it seemed the most sensible way to move up was to do so on a new server.  It's in it's early stages yet but all's good so far, this has been helped by being able to leave the old 5.1 agent on the machine and have the new one sitting side by side.  Probably won't be an option when we start to move bigger numbers due to needing to redeploy servers perhaps but it's started us off pretty well.

  • U are right, i've had better weekends and more sleep :P

    We are running about 1000+ agents so that would be allot of work. I would like to recommend to have Win 2008 instead of 2003 x64. Win 2003 X64 seem to have trouble with X64 reporting services.

    Next step for us will be a new server with 2008 on it. Might go virtual with ESX.

    Anyone having problems with KLC getting stuck? I didn't have this on my testserver.

  • Hi Switch,

    Talking to John about it, it sounded like you had issues with reporting services on 2003 server, I certainly I've seen it being a much smoother process to move to 2008, but of course that's not always possible. If ESX is the easiest way to get to 2008, sounds like a good plan. If you lost content (i.e. the scripts) that would be because the 'Harvest' failed (the harvest is the process that gets all the 5.1 data and 'converts' it to 6.1). Certainly if you have any errors appearing during an upgrade process and they mention 'harvest' its best to contact support to ensure all your data gets across.


  • It is correct that harvest did not go well. I've restarted the setup and after that it went well, except the part that i lost my scripts. I've did some installation on testsystem and discovered that harvest keeps getting stuck allot. About 3 out of 10.

    We are moving to ESX virtual platform. We are creating a new installation there and going to let the old server run on 5.1 as a fallback. We are also gonna separate the SQL en Webhosting from each other.  Any recommendations about splitting those two?