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6.1 Availability

  • I keep looking for an update for 6.1, is it still scheduled for GA today?  If so any ideas how to get it??

  • me too. I havent seen any clear indication of where we will get the download from or where we will get notified.

    does anyone have the fabled "January 2011 thru Q1 2011 - Overview, Upgrade and Training" that I read about in the release document.  I haven't seen ANY info on what to expect for the upgrade.  is it an in-place upgrade?  Easy?  Difficult?  Special considerations that I could plan for now?  Info please guys, info!

  • Mebe here :)

    Downloads Description Notes

    Kaseya 2 On Premises Products Core applications of the Kaseya 2 Master IT Service Edition (MITSE) and Enterprise Edition (EE). Includes: Kaseya Server, Discovery, Audit and Inventory, Patch Management, Scripts, Monitoring, Ticketing, Agent Deployment, System Management and Reporting. Release Date 1-2011, V6.1 For a new install or upgrade of Kaseya 2 On Premises Products including MITSE and EE.

    NOTE: Requires License Key


    Unless I am seeing at the wrong thing

  • Looks like you are correct.  The little teeny 6.1 in the right hand side is easily missed. :-/


  • Here is a link to information about 6.1 changes:


  • Thanks!  I definately did not see 6.1 listed there the 20 times I looked today!

  • Hi guys,

    Sorry you had a hard time getting the link.  A couple of good places to watch for the links for product updates are:   the blog.  http://blog.kaseya.com and our twitter feed:  http://twitter.com/kaseyacorp .

    VSA Messages are also going out, though at less specific intervals because it's based on checkins with our servers.  The VSA message should look like this: