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tags for code snippets

  • My biggest peeve with this software is the lack of useful tags... and I'm not talking about the mainstream tagging system that is used (which most say doesn't work)... But rather things like the code tag... heck I cant even find a way to attach things while replying to a post...


  • So the default reply box is obviously basic and text only, if you click on "rich formatting" does it give you what you want?

  • Nope, as you can see from the above there is no "code" tag, I use that specifically because it was so handy, to use and made posts easy to read.

    Maybe I'm going blind, I'm not sure how tsornenson did that,  I'd guess that he used the HTML bit to drop code in the post, which I can do (if I knew what tags were allowed if you're not tag filtering you're asking for heaps of trouble).  Some software even use code specific tags (PHP, VB(S) etc) with color coding.  that's totally not needed for the types of code being posted here.  IMO it shouldn't be hard to implement I've done it for forum/commenting systems that I've coded in the past.

  • I was moved!!!! thanks, i just wanted to rant, I didn't expect my own thread =)

  • No worries...except I think I moved during a comment from tsorensen so it orphaned his comments.  trying to merge now.

  • Darn, it filtered my javascript *wink*



    But, I can still scream!!



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  • @Brendan - Are you all having to hack apart the forums and code in changes that are requested yourself, or did the folks at Telligent just hang y'all out to dry?

  • No real hacking on my part.  I do what I can with the administration side and my web devs here, if we are still stuck we send it up to telligent for help.  

  • Hey guys, it's Rob from Telligent. It looks like user tagging of content is turned off.  I've tried with my account here and couldn't see any options for tagging either.

    Brendan if you want to enable this and can't find out how in our docs, drop me a note at rhoward@Telligent.com. We'll help sort it out.

    We also have a code formatting plugin to format code similar to what you see in our docs. Looking at thirteen twenty's post --- it doesn't appear that this plug-in is installed.

  • Thanks Rob.  We'll get that plugin installed and the tagging turned on.

  • I think Rob should get 5000 points.