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VSA 9.5 feedback and impressions

  • I haven't seen a topic on this, so here goes:

    Has anyone upgraded to 9.5? How did the upgrade go? Any issues?

    What about the new version? What's the user experience like? Any major issues/bugs that need to be addressed by Kaseya?

  • We have.  The upgrade went pretty easy and quick. (About an hr and fifteen minutes)

    We do have quite a few issues that have popped up.  

    Master Role can not see everyone private procedure folders. Although if you search for a procedure it does bring up results in private folders.(identified by Kaseya via ticket as a known issue)

    In the Anti-Virus classic module we cannot delete some viruses from the console. 

    We were super excited about the Warranty Master integration with 2 way sync. But when it syncs it pretty crashes our server and we need to reboot.  So weve stopped that obviously.

    LiveConnect on the first attempt just sits on at the circle connecting and never connects. Have to cancel it and try again. 2nd time always connects.

    Just opened another ticket because some of our engineers can't see computers in the alerts view.  But this may not be related to 9.5. Have not heard yet.

    put the known issue in wrong part.
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  • I should also add that the two main reasons we did the upgrade was to try and fix some issues we are having with Service Desk and to use the 2 way sync Warranty Master integration.  The upgrade didn't fix the Service Desk issue and you saw my comment about Warranty Master.  Having powershell in KLC is "cool" but really doesn't do much for us on the help desk side of things.  

  • The main feature we were excited about is 3rd party TAP support for SaaS customers however I've heard no updates on how this is actually being implemented. We can't install software on our SaaS accounts since they're shared servers so I have no idea how things like Webroot integration will work. I watched the Kaseya VSA update video and it just mentions it as being an exciting feature.

  • Corey - What's your SD issue?  We've had an SD ticket open for more than a year for events randomly causing duplicate (up to 5) tickets to be created, and only 1 is processed successfully. Most of our MSP clients see this effect, and it happens even when we turn off our back-end code.

    We've seen the same Live Connect issue.

    The Master procedure view issue is strange. On my primary workstation, I can only see my own procedures - which sucks because I have to review and approve any procedures written by others. However, when I log into the shared PC in one of the conference rooms, I see all of the private procedures. Only difference is my primary is W10, conference PC is W7.

    Our upgrade was pretty quick - about an hour - and mostly uneventful - initially. We had an MSP client update and one of the stored SQL Views we created disappeared, which caused KServer.exe to crash every 2 minutes or so. We updated our Daily Maintenance procedure on Tuesday to eliminate the need for that stored view by reading the data from the agent's registry. Well, apparently the VSA will crash if you (try to) read a registry value that doesn't exist. Day and a half of KServer.exe crashing every 90 seconds until support was able to link the crashing service to a procedure.

    I'm building 3 new VSA platforms and the install process so-far refuses to connect to SQL. Not sure if it's 9.5 or that we're now using CORE edition on the SQL servers with a separate SRS.

    I haven't even had time to look at Warranty Master integration yet...