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Has Kaseya given up on this? Our storagecraft rep tells me that the module is finished and just waiting on Kaseya approval, but that was months ago.

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  • I was under the impression that SC was building their own module, separate than the existing SC module, which was built by Kaseya and requires you to license SC through Kaseya. I was told it was close to ready, but not quite; that was about a month ago.

    Does Kaseya have an actual module approval process for 3rd party integrators?

  • Sorry, I don't think I was clear enough - That is the module I am talking about.

    My SC rep has told me that SC has finished the module, sent it to Kaseya for approval/testing, and now it is 100% is the hands of Kaseya.

  • Please reach out to success.team@kaseya.com or your specific Customer Success Advocate - they should be able to help clarify the status of this for you.

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  • Following. I was almost in the beta for it but we hadn't converted to SPX yet. Can't wait for the actual release.

  • Following.

  • In close talks with both our Kaseya rep and our StorageCraft rep - I will update here as soon as I have a concrete answer.

  • Hi Everyone,

    StorageCraft is building a Kaseya VSA module that will monitor and manage ShadowProtect SPX. It surfaces both ShadowProtect SPX and ImageManager functionality within the Kaseya VSA interface.

    Our Kaseya VSA module will support v9.3 and v9.4 and is currently in our internal testing process and as soon as we pass our basic use cases we'll release as a Partner Open Beta before the general release. All StorageCraft Partners will have access and support for the Partner Open Beta will be provided via a StorageCraft support forum. 

    If you're not a current StorageCraft partner but want access to the Open Beta, good news, our Partner Program carries no fee so please sign up and you'll be able to access the download and the Open Beta support forum when available. You can join the StorageCraft Partner Program here: https://www.storagecraft.com/become-storagecraft-partner

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  • Is there any movement on this? According to Kaseya's list of TAP partners, Storagecraft has been 'Coming Soon' for nearly a year

  • This had kind of fallen off of my radar, i've reached out to my Storagecraft rep to see what he can find out.

  • My SC rep asked me if I had heard anything about it just the other day. He said he would follow up.

  • Has anyone heard any update on this?

  • Nothing but crickets

  • Have you guys reached out to StorageCraft again to find out?

  • Got this email yesterday:

    "I have also followed up kaseya. We are waiting on them to put it into their tool. "

  • Hi all,

    StorageCraft is forecasting a September 15 beta launch for their new module, which will be available as part of the new TAP Integration framework in VSA 9.5.

    Frank Tisellano

    GM, VSA