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Thoughts on the Kaseya RoadMap?

  • Given that my last post was removed by the moderator, here's a re-work of the original question. 

    Anyone who's viewed the RoadMap care to share their thoughts with the rest of the class? I'm currently reviewing our Kaseya environment and trying to determine the best coarse of action for it and would appreciate your input taken from Kaseya's Road Map. 

  • The updated roadmap is not released yet and details on the roadmap are coming in early July. We are committed to updating the Roadmap section immediately following the webinar. We will post how to join the webinar at a later date and we believe you will be pleased by the details provided in the webinar.


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  • Thanks Tim, I was hopping to hear from someone who doesn't work at Kaseya. Anyone not employed by Kaseya care to share their thoughts on the RoadMap currently available? We're currently reviewing our RMM strategies over a 3 year plan. Does the roadmap satisfy all your RMM strategy requirements in it's current state or is their something you'd like to see on it that currently has been left out?

  • Sorry, Mr. Cruz. I don't get it. If the "roadmap" is not released yet then what is this on the page labeled "Roadmap" and why have a Roadmap page if you don't have a "Roadmap"?


  • This is difficult to answer as I work for an MSP and no longer work for Kaseya.  Our RMM strategy may not be similar to yours, so we may have different directions.  To answer your question: Does this roadmap satisfy all of our RMM strategy requirements?  No.  

    There are two approaches a company can take in my opinion: Sit on your hands, 'huff-and-puff' for those requirements we do need to be implemented in the future or find a way to get it done with or without the Kaseya framework.

    Is there something I would like to see being left out?  Oh yea, a Ton!  I have faith Kaseya has a customer council that is vocal and adamant about those features and requirements to be implemented in the future of product.  

    If at anytime I see the direction of Kaseya truly shifting away from what we are trying to accomplish, perhaps its time to consider other options.

  • For clarity, the statement should read "The updated roadmap has not been released." I've updated my previous post to avoid future confusion.


  • Thanks for the clarification, Mr. Cruz. If you have the time and the inclination, could you clarify for me how the roadmap would differ from version "release notes"? Thanks.

  • Kaseya's current strategy of posting the current release notes in place of the future roadmap is kind of bothersome, but i understand they are tired of all of us complaining to them that they aren't completing the items on the to-do list they provided for themselves.

    Take for instance if you were to set 5 appointments to meet with 5 people and you told all 5 people about your entire schedule so they would know your plans. Then you saw a shiny thing on the wall and told all 5 people that you no longer have a schedule and you'll get to them when you can. Kind of rude.

  • Absolutely. The roadmap is what we intend to accomplish in future releases. The release notes is what we currently have available. Hope this helps.


  • Thanks again.

  • info.kaseya.com/2015Q2-RoadmapWebinar.html

  • I wonder if Prakash is full owner of the roadmap now that Don L is out?

    Whoever it is, I hope they're held to it.

  • Looks like Prakesh is our go-to man now.

    This webinar is make or break for us. It looks incredibly promising, the hints dropped at Connect and in the 9.1 release webinar suggest a whole smack of positive changes in the wind.

    I am reading the recent silence from Kaseya as leading up to a huge announcement - and this should be it. I'm excited - lets hope we are not let down (again)!! If this one bombs, we're out (to a competitor).

  • Thanks everyone for your comments.

    I asked about the roadmap as a method to get a pulse reading from the community with regards to just what Craig Hart mentioned.

    I've recently begun testing alternative tools after the trek out to this last Kaseya Connect. I'm simply not satisfied with Kaseya's progress and just plain tired of trying to fix things instead of working on improving service to my customers. I'm not blaming the new ownership for the current state of the VSA but was hoping for more communication regarding it's efforts. With the announcement of Helos I have to wonder if we as a company can wait the 3 years or more for the product's release, not to mention the time to sus out the bugs. I've got my fingers crossed but also looking at what my "Plan B" is.