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R8 Bug for Assign LAN Cache

  • When attempting to load the page as a non-master role/scope this page produces a 500 Error.

    I have submitted a ticket for investigation, however if you are on premise this will fix your issue until Kaseya releases a patch.

    *Note those that are on SaaS will need to wait until they patch this.*

    You need to edit the following file


    On Line 96, replace:

    "AND a.partitionId = d.PartitionId AND a.adminId =? "


    "AND a.partitionId = d.PartitionId AND a.adminId =? " +

    As always, this is 'use-at-your-own-risk'. Backup the file before you go editing and fixing this issue.

    If you wish, you can wait for an official release. But I don't like my clients looking at HTML errors. Cool

    Problem was sql variable was incomplete due to missing the last + to concatenate the WHERE clause. This is the correct way to fix this. Removed previous fix to not cause confusion.
    [edited by: flavio.suguimitzu at 9:37 AM (GMT -7) on Oct 9, 2014]
  • Thank you!  Upgrading now and will test as non-master