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Issue using write directory

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I am trying to use write directory command to deploy some driver folders to machines. I have saved them locally on our kaseya server in the shared folder, and have completed the scripted needed. It show that it runs successfully and it deploys but i when i go check on the machine i pushed those folders to, they arent there. Does anyone know why it is saying successful when it doesnt write the directory? Or why it might be doing this?

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  • What folder are you writing them too?  If it's a subfolder of c:\windows\system32 then you may be running into the whole 32bit vs 64bit issue.

  • Sounds like a 32/64 bit issue. Look in the SysWOW64 folder for your missing files. If found there, you have the 32/64 bit issue.

    Your script needs to be written with 32/64 bit detection and the appropriate version of the commands.

    Yes, K's scripting and 32-64 bit support is horrible.

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  • The writeDirectory command does not have 32/64bit option and these type of commands are linked to a hidden procedure that are normally written for 32bit command shell only so it will use the C:\windows\system32 path as the root path to execute the the command.

    I have tested this command on a 64bit Windows 8 machine and it worked for me. Try and simplify your procedure or try and test just this writeDirectory command line on the machine it failed on by copying it to a new script.

    Something else to look into is whether the destination folder exists and if not check if the agent credentials has write permissions to the path you plan to write the contents of the folder to.