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  • Just upgraded to Should have waited for I thought (my first mistake) that 6.5 was suppose to be an improvement forward, not backwards. Loaded with bugs STILL. So much for the TRUST release. Now I trust it even less.

  • Can you share what bugs you see or issues you are experiencing?  

  • i have just done our upgrade, no issues on the surface of it so far and we had quite a few add-on modules, and updated the sql server as well.

  • Yikes!  We are getting ready to go to 6.5.  I know you're a long time Kaseya Customer as well so if you're having issues they must be bad.  Anyone know if you can go from 6.3 to 7 directly?

  • Pour yourself a nice glass of your favorite beverage!  Just because one user is having unfortunate experiences does not mean the same for others.

  • Posts like this provide absolutely zero benefit to the community.    If you are going to complain at least specify what you dislike or what bugs you have encountered.

  • Cannot upgrade KAM or KAV without problems and getting any upgrade to work. So far, support is still trying to go thru all the KAV & KAM tickets that have been opened up.

  • Sounds like a module related issue instead of the entire product.  

    Can you provide more detail on your security related issues?

  • What bugs? What, specifically, is the problem? What error messages are you encountering? Are these bugs preventing the progress of an install, or are they impacting functionality or performance afterward? Is your Kaseya instance down as a result of these problems, or is it related to a specific subset of functionality? What are the steps to reproduce the problems that you are encountering? What is the business impact of these problems and do you have a temporary workaround or do you require an immediate solution? What steps has Kaseya taken (if any) to understand or remediate these problems? How has Kaseya failed to address these specific problems during the course of your correspondence? Have you submitted tickets about these problems, and if so, what are the ticket numbers and what did you specifically state when identifying these problems?