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  • Hi all. I thought I would share my comments on Kaseya Connect 2014...

    I run an MSP, and have 2,500 agents. I have been using Kaseya since 2008 and this was my 7th Kaseya Connect conference. I wasn't quite sure what to expect this year. Will the new ownership and management take this company and product to the next level?  Or was it all going to be downhill from here?  Would I be sticking with Kaseya, or looking for a replacement? I was anxious to get a sense which it was going to be.

    In the end, I have to say that I was very encouraged by what I saw:

    1. I saw professional management folks, trying to put people and processes in place to run a software development company in a professional manner.

    2. The new management team seemed professional and very competent. Each seemed professional and qualified when on stage, and each was willing to engage in friendly conversations during breaks and evening activities.

    3. I saw a formal product roadmap (http://community.kaseya.com/p/roadmap.aspx), with a firm commitment to 3 bigger updates per year, and patches every 2 weeks in between.  We haven't experienced a firm roadmap in a very long time!

    4. I saw a commitment to better testing and quality assurance – both with formal releases and with patches.

    5. I saw a commitment to improving the core/base product - not just adding more addon modules available for purchase.

    6. I saw a commitment to better quality and more responsive support experiences. 

    7. The new faster remote control (based on streaming video technology) will be included in the upcoming May release.

    8. They have put in new internal systems for tracking bugs and for managing support tickets.

    9. I saw a commitment to both MSP customers and mid-market customers (I was worried that Kaseya might be going away from MSPs and only looking to serve the mid-market and enterprise customers).

    It wasn't all perfect... The biggest disappointment was the the community was very loud and clear that we wanted to keep RDP - at least least as backup option for remote control, until at least the September release - to give us time to adjust to the new remote control coming in the May release. But they made it clear that simply wasn't going to happen.  If the new remote control is as fast and reliable as was demonstrated and promised, maybe it wont be a problem after all? But everyone I talked with was wishing Kaseya would keep RDP around for a while longer, at least as a backup option.  And I would also say that some of the technical breakout sessions were a little to much at the PowerPoint big-picture level and a little too short on details and specific examples.

    Bottom line.... I very much liked what I saw. I won't be looking to run away from Kaseya anytime soon. We’ll be installing the January release (6.5) on our K server next week – as the general feeling in the community was that the major issues have now been addressed with the 6.5.11 update. Kaseya will be releasing the next version (7.0) in late May, and then the next version in late September. By the end of the year, we’ll be able to see if they delivered on their promises made at Kaseya Connect . I am hoping they do, and from what I saw, I think they will. Yeah!

    Just my two cents...


  • Thanks for sharing!



  • Thanks lwolf.

    The points you've discussed, I already knew all of it before connect was held....all of it has been in the community, on the website etc. for months - e.g. the 'new' roadmap has been around since last year. Glad I didn't waste thousands of dollars and a week of my time travelling half way round the world to hear what I've already heard, read and seen, simply repeated.

    Was there any *new* information released at connect? I strongly suspect not.....

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  • Craig,

    you are so wrong. There was alot of sharing, best practices and some awesome automation techniques we learned from many different msp's and you wont find any of it in the community

  • ampsta; I don't doubt you found many opportunities to network with other MSPs, and that's great; however it is something I can and do get by networking with other MSP's right here at home. It's a pity the forums here aren't more active; however they are not the only means by which one can learn new things about the Kaseya platform, or other ways to run an MSP business.

    What I'm talking about what information come down from Kaseya specifically. What actual information of value did *Kaseya Corporation* provide to MSP's?

  • Craig don't you mean - IT Management Cloud Company as has recently hit other websites.

    Agree with Craig here.  For the money spent getting to the event from the other side of the planet I'd like to know what was of real value. Every year we discuss someone visiting and every year we decide against it. I guess for you guys down under getting to Orlando is going to lengthen any travel plans for next years event.

    For the last couple of years I did spend a bit of time watching some of the web casts so was rather annoyed that this year that wasn't happening. Having to rely on the occasional tweet, official and unofficial, and articles published on MSPMentor shows me what Kaseya thinks of those that didn't travel to the event.  I'm also curious regarding the new RC tool - was that really a pre-recorded powerpoint demo that was shown in the video I saw posted on Twitter? 

  • I agree with the first post.  Good Kaseya Connect and it looks like Kaseya is going in the right direction.  Totally agree with the thoughts on the breakout sessions though.  Seemed like a lot of non-specific talk.  I hate to use the word fluff but that's what some of it was.  It was my 3rd Kaseya Connect and what I have noticed is that a lot of the value comes from being able to talk with other users to see what they are doing, how they are doing it, their thoughts, etc.  To me that is just as valuable as hearing the speakers.  I also thought the last segment of the conference on hardware and software requirements was great.

    My only 2 complaints:

    1.  The breakout sessions weren't recorded.  I'm not sure why.  I think it the past this has even been streamed live.  Its nice to be able to watch the sessions you missed.

    2.  Next year it will be in Orlando.  No real desire to spend 4 days at a resort hotel in the middle of nowhere.

  • Thank you  for taking the time to write that.  I think you hit the nail on the head.  Smile

    Craig Hart
    What I'm talking about what information come down from Kaseya specifically. What actual information of value did *Kaseya Corporation* provide to MSP's?

    They provided us a clear outline of their direction in migrating to the cloud.  They provided breakout sessions with Kaseya Engineers, customers (like myself) and a much greater smattering of Support folks (than in previous years) to answer in-person questions.  Simply by /organizing/ the conference, they provided a means for Kaseya users to interact, share war stories & success stories, and weigh in on the future direction of the platform.

    They provided a clear roadmap & timeline.  They were up-front with the limitations of the current on-prem solution, but were cognizant that a cloud migration will only happen if the platform is ready.  I'd encourage you to read: http://mspmentor.net/remote-monitoring-management-software/041514/kaseya-connect-2014-are-msps-ready-cloud

    This has been my fourth year attending Kaseya Connect, and I've derived great value from each experience.  Unlike past years though, I came away this year with an impression that these guys (i.e. the new Management) have a clear vision and a well-publicized list of deliverables.  I've touched, demoed and extensively tested the new Kaseya Remote Control (for example), and they've definitely gotten this one right.  Would you rather see a promise that never comes to fruition, or would you rather have an up-front & honest look at what can be delivered and by when.  I'd much prefer the latter.

    Craig Hart
    It's a pity the forums here aren't more active

    I agree; however, let's look at some of the new posts for a minute:

    • "I SCREWED UP !!!"
    • "Since when is IT a Monday Through Friday Job!!!"
    • "COMP"

    Read these threads.  On second thought, don't waste your time.  You're almost always dealing "the bottom 5%" who would go to the ends of the earth to disparage Kaseya by using every single straw man argument at their disposal to flood the forums with unproductive, reactionary & counterproductive ramblings.  For those of us who actually like to contribute & help our kindred spirit VSA Admins, watching the vitriol overtake the useful posts is disheartening.

    The value in the Community is here, but you just have to search for it, and encourage it when it surfaces.  How could a custom-built, distributed-for-free NOC dashboard get absolutely buried by blatant trolling?  Perhaps that's more of a rhetorical question.

    At any rate, I believe that Kaseya Connect was tremendously valuable this year, and I very much look forward to the next three releases of the VSA, and next year's Connect.

  • Hi Craig,

    In the past, my focus at Kaseya Connect conferences was divided between 1) networking with other MSPs; 2) learning some Kaseya technical features and functions; and 3) hearing from and engaging/talking with Kaseya ownership, executives and management. I think this has been a split goal for many attendees.

    But this year, at least for me personally, my focus was almost exclusively on hearing from and engaging/talking with Kaseya ownership, executives and management. My goal was really trying to see if the new ownership and management take this company and product to the next level, or if it was all going to be downhill from here.  I was trying to determine if I be sticking with Kaseya, or if I would be looking for a replacement.. And I definitely got the information and interaction and face-to-face engagement that I was looking for. I could not have accomplished that from home.

    But I do appreciate that there are some attendees who may have been more interested in *new* product and technical information. I don't think there was as much technical content, tips n tricks, etc as in past years. But I also admit it could have been there, and I just missed it, because I was so focused on my primary personal objectives.

    Personally, I am satisfied with the investment of money and time and the results that I got.  Its hard to quantify, but I simply feel better" about the future of the Kaseya product and company.

    Warn Regards,


  • HI Craig

    I understand your viewpoint and have often used the same as a justification for not attending, and not just KaseyaConnect.  However, as an MSP sitting on 16k agents with around 5k going live in next quarter and target of 30000 within next 12 months I was eager to discuss a number of topical issues directly with senior management and techs alike. As i'm from UK i lose an extra two days and probably more than double the air fare.

    Despite talking regularly with Kaseya at several levels i can say i was pleasantly surprised to get significant benefit, insight and valuable information about product direction and strategy which will help smooth bumps that are coming up and let me set the tempo for much of our tasks.  Information which has not been forthcoming or available through all the other communications, and more importantly, from multiple horses mouths so to speak.

    Worth the money and time?  Yes.

    Will i be back?  Yes, plus i am starting the process now to ensure two of my  techs are there next year.


  • Personally, I do not see the issue with the lack of live web-broadcasting.  Ultimately defeats the purpose of making the trip and attending the event.  I am sure some will  get posted, but in the end it is a business - if you want the full experience you need to attend!

  • I miss the recordings because there were several breakouts scheduled at the same time that looked interesting.  It would be nice to watch the recording of any I couldn't attend.

    Specifically, the Remote Control breakout was scheduled at the same time as Brian's policy breakout (which was very good, thanks, Brian).  I was hoping to be able to be able to watch a recording of the Remote Control breakout.

  • EXCEPTIONALLY well said. I have been a Kaseya user for many years, but have never posted to the forums until this point. I think that quite a lot of people have some rather unrealistic expectations regarding deliverables and will, quite frankly, never be happy. The moment they get what they want, they'll demand something else and be angry that it wasn't given to them in the first place, "and it should  be completely free of charge since I already spend $XYZ for ABC."

    "I've paid nothing and never attended the event and I'm mad as hell that I didn't get what I wanted out of it!" Come on. There is plenty of fluff at industry events, but I think that everyone who has been to a few knows that the real value is in meeting with your peers and in speaking with employees frankly and face to face. You will never replicate this experience by simply recording a few sessions and posting them online. It's OK to complain that Kaseya doesn't communicate enough (they don't, and I agree entirely) but it's stupid to complain that they didn't potentially communicate at a paid event that you chose not to attend.

    Furthermore, you are spot on about the type of threads being posted to this forum lately. If we, as IT professionals, had a user complain to us that "I tried to perform an upgrade on a Sunday holiday and when things didn't go exactly as planned  and I didn't receive instant support, I complained about unspecified errors with literally no details of any kind, immediately trashed your name in public, and then started another thread demanding compensation for my undefined problems." we would (rightly) encourage that customer to seek out the services of a competitor. It annoys me that this same person justified their outrage by stating that since they answered a call at 6:00 AM on Easter Sunday, someone else should as well. That's absurd. Don't let your clients run your life. If your clients are calling you at 6:00 AM on a holiday, then it's entirely your fault for failing to set expectations and manage them appropriately. You aren't a slave. You're supposed to be a business owner in control of their clients and their time. Act like one. 

    With respect to support,  If you have a problem, then contact support. If they are legitimately not performing in a reasonable manner, then call them. If that still doesn't work, then by all means, post to public forums and include ALL RELEVANT DETAILS about your problem. Random nonspecific complaints and straw man arguments posted online is a sure way to identify yourself as both unprofessional, and incompetent. Professionals plan, document, and seek to understand. Fools try to make noise and stir up anger. If you cannot specifically identify what you did, what didn't work as expected, what you submitted to support, their response, and the specific breakdown in communication thereafter, then I'll just assume that you are probably the problem.

    When you seek support from your vendors, look over your request and ask yourself, "If someone submitted this to me as a ticket, would I think that they gave me enough information to help them?" If the answer is "no" then you have more work to do. "Monitoring isn't working properly. Have someone call me immediately. This is important." is not a reasonable ticket, and you're only hurting yourself by wasting your time to submit it.

    On the subject of recordings, I agree completely . I don't feel that they should be broadcast for free to people who chose not to attend, but I feel that attendees should have the opportunity to stream them at a later date. There were some excellent sessions that overlapped and I would have loved to catch some of those that I missed.

  • Well said, klamb, although I would point out one thing...

    Sometimes, it's not that we chose not to attend, just that the powers-that-be aren't prepared to pay for it (on top of the many thousands we already spend on maintenance etc...) ;)

    I really wish I could have attended the event, and every year I hope that I'll get the opportunity, but it's not likely any time soon. :-P

  • Well Stated!  $$

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