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Why would you stop supporting RDP in the May release?

  • Are you kidding me?!

    RDP sessions is the fastest way to use a machine! VNC lags like crazy and its a security risk because users can see what you're doing... This has got to be a mistake...

  • The problems I have with removing RDP from Kaseya:

    • Why remove the best remote connect feature that is available (especially for servers)?;
    • Why then force us to move to a (extreme) inferior remote connect tool (meaning VNC);
    • Why force users to connect to a console, this is:
      • A security risk (people can watch what is being done on the screen);
      • Not practical in a large organisation with multiple admin accounts. You can not work on one server with 2 users when connecting to the console;
    • Why remove a perfecty working remote connect tool, when the new remote connect tool (Project Palantír) hasn't proved itself in the field.

    I'm terribly sorry, but this is one of the most awfull plans I've heard by Kaseya. usually I can understand some decisions that have been made, but i can not understand any of this.

  • I'm not upgrading to the new May release when it's out, RDP is really important to our business and works 100% of the time and it is one of the most reliable parts of Kaseya.

    I will probably jump ship to Labtech if Kaseya don't reverse their decision and at least keep RDP in the old remote section.

    I understand technically it's not possible in the new remote control which is fine but please leave us with the option to still use the old remote control still or otherwise I'm off.....

  • I exclusively use RDP for server access as it works, is fast and can be logged by the server/endpoint native. I have never seen this not work and will be incredibly disappointed to see this go. I agree with the general opinion in this thread and that this is not something I would like to see go away.  Please reconsider this choice before the may 31 release date.

  • Surprised that someone from Kaseya hasn't chimed in here.  If this is true it's about the worst decision that I've heard about since the changeover in the senior management team there.

    Someone, somewhere, must be extremely confident that Palantir is going to blow all the end users away to come out with a statement like that.  

    Our users collectively perform more than 1000 RC sessions each day and 80% of these are RDP - I can't afford for any of these to fail or I have angry techs and angrier customers.

  • The silence is deafening from Kaseya management. Did they get anyone to replace Brendan to watch the boards?  Thank you everyone for your input.  The decision to get rid of RDP may make my Kaseya Certification worthless.

  • Another problem I just thought of.  We have servers that our clients leave logged in at the console to to run an app. I am sure there are many servers in a similar situation.   If we have to log in at the console, and don't know the password of the current admin logged in at the console, we are going to be stuck and have to contact the client for the password.  

    We have this issue with the second largest software vendor we support, 25% of our clients would have a server with this software.  If we have to log in at the console, we need to the password of the current admin logged in at the console!  

    Kaseya, you can not take RDP away!!! it is core and key to the product, and you must underestimate how often it gets used in a day - literally dozens of times.

    Once the new remote control product  provides the same functionality, and has been proven just as stable and reliable, then you could get rid of it at the following update.  But until it has been proven RDP should remain side by side with the new remote control

  • The silence from Kaseya here is just one more reason to miss Brendan. He always spoke the company line but at least we heard something from him. Makes me wonder if current management is preparing Kaseya for the auction block...

  • It would really be great if we could get an official response from Kaseya on this subject.


  • For those who remember the (sadly pulled) new LiveConnect demo from Connect last year, if the May release does *that*, I don't think anyone here will mind. It went like a rocket, seemed extremely stable (multiple people tried fairly hard to break it in the lab), and supported multiple simultaneous sessions almost like you were in front of the remote machine. It was "standalone-but-integrated" so browser dependence was a thing of the past. In short, it was a thing of beauty. The only shock was it being pulled for unknown (well, to me - perhaps it was explained somewhere?) reasons.

    It would be good for a Kaseyan to pop in here and clear up some misconceptions, as if Project Palantir IS based on this never-released tool, then it addresses almost all the concerns raised above. Secure, fast, non-VNC based, stable, and supports local console sessions (I asked this last in a lab session, and was told it was a planned feature). Anyway, don't hold me to any of this, I'm just going on my patchy memory here, but what I'd suggest is to not worry about the specific protocol involved and worry more about feature completeness. So long as it "does what it says on the tin", what does it matter what the underlying protocol is?

  • @Greig,

    You bring up a good point. We often use RDP-based connection because the VNC-based connection is sooooo slow.  If the new remote control technology coming in the May release will provide fast connection times, and faster remote control performance, then I really don't have a strong requirement for the specific RDP protocol.

    It would really be great if we could get an official response from Kaseya on this subject.


  • Agreed, removing RDP is a mistake.

  • I couldn't agree more with the sentiments posted in this thread.  Removing support for RDP in this product will destroy your lead in the market place.  SE's rely too much on this tool.  It can't be a money thing, as I don't see MS charging a license fee to make use of their protocol.  If it is a money thing (which it likely is most of the time things like this are cut) then you need to buck up and pay up.

    The silence is deafening Kaseya.  Your move.

  • Kaseya when you respond please tell us something that your loyal customers want to hear?....

  • I initially read the accouncement and understood that RDP would not be available under REMOTE CONTROL but since it didn't mention RDP under LiveConnec I assumed it would remain available there.  So I guess it would be nice for some clarification on this.