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Farewell friends....

  • In case you hadn't seen it: 


  • Thanks for everything you've done for us and best of luck.

    (Now to sit back and watch the reading between the lines begin... )

  • Sorry to hear that you are leaving Brendan, best of luck with your new job and the future!

  • Thanks HardKnoX!

  • Thanks Mike! :)

  • Best of luck Brendan!  You've been fantastic to work with over the past few years and have brought the Kaseya Community a long ways.  Its amazing to see all of the posts on here each day and to think that a few years back it would commonly go silent for a week at a time.  You will be missed!

  • Thanks Scott! You've been a great help to the success of this community!  

  • Sad Sad Sad!!. will miss you Brendan.

    Wish you best of luck whereever you go.

    Thanks for everything.

  • I replied in the other thread, but here it is again in case the "announcement" thread gets nuked post-departure:

    "Good luck, Brendan.  You will be missed.  If ever there was a better endorsement for what you've done for this company, it would be 1) These forums, and 2) The commitment you have to the customers, as demonstrated by picking up your phone at the kid's soccer game and tracking down the resource I needed on a Saturday afternoon.  Kaseya needs more people like you, and I hope they continue this legacy."

  • I would say good luck at your new gig, but you don't need it. Cheers!

  • Thanks for your kind words everyone!

  • Wow. Kaseya without Brendan is like an Oreo without the filling! Best of luck, sir!

  • HA! Thanks zippo!

  • You towed the corporate line well these past 6 months, but your leaving speaks volumes about what is to come!

  • Good Luck Brendan, I hope our paths cross again!  As many have already said, your commitment to both the company and more importantly to us, will be greatly missed.  I hope your next adventure realizes the asset they are getting and allow you to assist them as you have all of us!