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Webinar to meet the New Members of the Kaseya Management Team

  • To the New Members of the Kaseya Management Team,

    Thank you very much for holding the webinar last evening. It was nice to hear from you directly.

    As a long-time Kaseya user (almost 6 years), I have to admit that I was nervous and scared when I learned of the Kaseya ownership and management changes over the past several months. But I was very pleased with what I heard on the webinar last night. Among other things, you promised to deliver quality products, you promised to listen to our needs and requests, and you promised to provide a real product roadmap. Yeah!

    On the webinar, you also asked us to hold you accountable. I am sure the community will do that.

    Over the past several years, I think Kaseya has too often over-promised and under-delivered. You made it very clear last night that this will no longer be the case, and for me, that was welcome news. I am willing to give you all some time to deliver on your promises, and I am looking forward to a bright future for Kaseya and for those of us in the Kaseya community.


  • Thanks Lloyd!  

  • Has the webinar been posted to see, I was scheduled to attend but was unable to.


    Unfortunately, we won't be posting a recording of the webinar.  

    Here's the recording of the webinar:  community.kaseya.com/.../86449.aspx

    updated with link
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  • There was talk of integrating KNM into the VSA Core in the Webiner. Any more info about this?

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  • They announced that KNM would be available to all customers as a part of the core VSA functionality in the Winter release (January.) This is exciting for us, as we've invested pretty heavily in KNM, love the visibility it gives us, and have been thirsting for the integration for a while. Great news that it will only become more prevalent - and looking forward to seeing the expanding community of KNM users!

  • Any reason for not posting a recording of the webinar?

  • Personally, I found the webinar quite motivating and I am sad that none of the VIPs from my organisation attended it. I am optimistic that the new board have acknowledged there are some serious issues holding Kaseya back from its true potential.

    Realistically, the board are here to make Kaseya supremely profitable, and they clearly realise that undelivered empty promises means the only business Kaseya is likely to keep is annuity revenue from customers too invested/busy to change RMM provider. Kaseya needs to win new customers as well as developing trust with its current core userbase, and they seem to have promised to do what we have all been asking - stop doing 'new' stuff until the 'old' stuff actually works as 'best-in-class'.

    Here's looking to the future! *fingers crossed*.

  • Well said Phil, I agree with you.


  • Things cannot get any worse than they are currently, only better.... The future will tell, and I hope the story will not be a sad one... But if we still are customers???


  • Given that we're based in NZ/Aus, with 600 other Kaseya clients, and the webinars were scheduled for 3am local time, how do we get to see them?  Or will they hold another session for us?

  • - Sorry about the timing, there were a lot of strange schedules this week, but the  next best option would be to come to our customer roadmap webinar next week.  2 times available, one of which should work with your timezone.  www.kaseya.com/.../20131023-product-roadmap

  • Why not post the conference call? I tried to call in but the only way was through a computer. Which seems odd for conference CALL. I'm seriously considering LabTech and was hoping that this call would change my mind. I've been with Kaseya for about four years but the last year has been rough.

    I understand that there is a product roadmap webinar but that isn't the same as the Get To Know Your Management. Again, it's not like I didn't try, it was just restricted to computers.

  • Its not hard to guess why the webinar hasn't been posted --- too much potential for clients expressing negative views. Why record and promote your clients complaining?

  • Craig Hart

    Its not hard to guess why the webinar hasn't been posted --- too much potential for clients expressing negative views. Why record and promote your clients complaining?

    They could post it and disable the comments.

    I was thinking more along the lines of that they don't want to keep any record of it as it might be used against them by competitors or future disgruntled customers if they don't meet the expectations.