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Support, or lack there of.

  • I had what should have been a fairly simple account question, I opened a ticket, no answer, wait another day and post a reply on the ticket, no response for hours, then told it being transferred to another group and someone will contact me... another day goes by and still nothing. I open another ticket referencing the original and am given a email address for my account rep, email her, no response. Reply to the ticket and CC her with a simple question, still no response from either several hours later.

    I guess I finally figured the issue out, Which as a side note, you guys REALLY need to spend a few moments and work on some better documentation for the SaaS offerings. There are several key differences that are not documented and are confusing.

    What use is support that is unable or unwilling to answer a simple question posed to them? Let alone IGNORING your customer for days... Starting to question my decision on leaving Labtech to come here. At least there support was top notch if nothing else.

  • <rant>

    I have held off quite a bit about commenting about support, however I am getting to the end of my tether. What you describe is quite common. My average ticket age with Kaseya is 3 - 4 weeks old, which consists of multiple people not reading my tickets, passing me to more people who don't read my tickets, getting ignored for days on end, then not really getting the answer I wanted in the first place. I am actually starting to get angry when dealing with support, and we have been with Kaseya for 2 years, and I would say its been the same the entire time.

    NOT to say there are no good people working in their support teams, I can think of 1 person who was amazing, clued up and really knew what he was talking about.

    As an example of why this is lacking to me. We use Connectwise as well, albeit a different system, I can talk to an engineer immediately through live chat, and 80% of my issues are solved there and then. If it goes past the live chat, I have multiple updates through out the day, the engineers will even call you to discuss the issue, they are polite, pleasant, and resolve 99% of issues within 2 days.

    Kaseya have allot of improvements to make.



    Just thought I would mention about our account rep, he quit and no one told us! Although we have an account rep who is allot better now.

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  • We have been with Kaseya since it was a 3 person operation, the only time support was EVER top-notch was when Paul Wong still answered the phones personally ... Beyond that it has been as described above for most things, until you raise enough stink and then they quiet you down by ensuring you get taken care of quickly for awhile, and then it returns to zero response for alot of stuff ...

    I personally am glad that I am NOT in a hurry to have my last ticket answered (SARCASM - I needed the answer 2 weeks ago ...) But still have only been told that it was transferred to a specialist ... I guess that specialist is on vacation or something or no one reads their email, etc ...

    The only reason we stay with Kaseya is no money to go elsewhere at this point in time, but if we do find money and a good enough product to move to that can do everything Kaseya does, then yes we'll be going away ...

  • yah, it's bad.  the only way i get an answer is with an escalation through an account rep or calling down to florida a bunch of times.

  • I logged a ticket for the missing custom fields in the report parts and it ended up that you could only see 40 of them but I also found that the deleted custom fields was still counted in the 40 custom fields that you could report on.

    They created and applied a fix to remove the empty "deleted" fields which ended up moving/shifting the custom field values so that they no longer match custom field name. The other side affect was that that the majority of my Policy Management Policies no longer worked which included patch configuration policies no longer applied to these machines.

    I ended up spending 6 days reviewing over 340 view filters and having to fix and retest around 90% of them as I knew that it could take them at least a week to find solution if I'm lucky. I also had to go through all my legacy reports and fix the ones that used the custom fields luckily that only took me a few hours.

    They now have another "fix" that they want to apply. My boss was pretty angry about this, I told him to bill Kaseya Support for my time fixing all the view filters and reports.

    This is the type of mistake that normally loses you customers however Kaseya Corp. does not seem to care as they know they have us all over a barrel with the clause that prevents us from re-selling the VSA and license without the company name.

    I used to be a big Kaseya promoter and I even turned down a job once because they had Level Platforms, however in the last year Kaseya has lost my support for their product.

    My main focus now is to find a different IT path as I can see there is no longer a future for me in using Kaseya's products.  

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  • Just want to throw it out there... I don't have many tickets (lifetime) with Kaseya Support, but the ones I did open went fairly well. I have been "wow'd" a couple times by senior developers, but otherwise I would say my experience overall with support-related issues is not bad.

    Other factors that might be at play here is the fact that we run an on-premise VSA, licensed for 10k seats, and have been fortunate enough to have very few emergencies with the product (knock on wood).

  • The product is the problem and not the support