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  • Great poll Brendan. I voted email but would also like a central portal where we can sign up for ALL Kaseya communication.

    Getting on to the Kaseya mailing lists was a battle for me. One place where we can manage our subscriptions would be great and this would need to include all regional mailing lists.

  • The problem with email even though of the choices offered,  I voted for this, is that if Kaseya centralized it's communication then it would help, but I understand with different regions they have regional communications as well. I didn't even know that AUNZ had a mailing list till I was escalating an issue and someone mentioned I could get in on the monthly meetings. Also I got a reminder from our "account manager" about promotions I didn't even know were running that because I still don't appear to be on all mailing lists. A Portal is a better idea and should contain a list of ALL communications regional and otherwise that we can tick. Ultimately one with the flexibility to select additional addresses and have their own communication settings.

  • @networkn - Same problem, huh?

  • Guys this is music to my ears.  

    Also choose the email option however, in a world where the battle is to get ourselves removed from mailing lists I've pleaded to be added to some sort of mailing list from Kaseya to absolutely no avail.  

    If it wasn't for the community I would miss out on a great deal of what is actually happening.  I occasionally get emails forwarded by random other members of staff, all of whom I ask how they got added to this mythical mailing list, but they're never sure and they're under the assumption that I would already be aware.  

  • So this is a challenge which we have been on both sides as a company as well as worked with our clients on, but wanted to throw an idea out to both sides to see if there might be an "easy" solution to this.  On Kaseya's side, would it be possible to setup X number of contact/role records for each account.  For example, you might have a sales role, accounting role, and technical role.  These contact/roles would then be assigned by default to all mailing lists which kaseya has for that region/level/etc and outbound communications be classified as one of the X number of roles.

    On the partner side, we could easily setup PDL(s)/Group(s) which we could then manage who receives what kind of communications get distributed to who.  

    This would give Kaseya the ability to create a much more manageable distribution channel for all mail communications, and would give the partners flexibility to easily self manage who see's what and keep consistency across their organization.  If you wanted to get more granular, maybe Kaseya could provide partners with a way to unsubscribe or manage (possibly via the portal or your account rep) should you wish to be removed, but I would expect the default action to be subscribed.

    Just throwing something out there that might help....comments or thoughts?