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POLL: What method(s) of communication would you prefer to hear the latest product-related information?


    How would you like Kaseya to communicate product updates, announcements, releases?

    We strive to keep our customers well-informed as we make progress on new products, versions, etc.  Recently it was suggested in a thread that we run a little poll on how people would prefer to hear product updates.  So below are methods that we have/are using right now.  Please indicate your preference.

    • RSS (roadmap) (17.5%)
    • email (55%)
    • VSA message (10%)
    • community posting ("announcement" or "sticky post") (17.5%)
    • Total Votes: 40
    • Voting Ended: Dec 17, 2012
  • You need an ALL OF THE ABOVE option

  • All of the Above so you can communicate directly with everyone alot faster in the medium they prefer, rather than a medium that they may not look in ...

  • TBH until recently I have not even noticed any VSA messages.

    Roadmap information is good to get a rough idea of a timeline of additions and changes.

    Email is a good way to get the message in front of most as long as the junk/spam filter does not catch it

    Community Posts would be a good why to get the information out there for those that did not get the email because of the junk/spam filter