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Password problem

  • HI ....


    Dear Admin my community account always get locked..

    i have to reset my password every time i login into my account.



  • Sorry to hear that you're having problems Yogesh.  I will look into it.  

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  • thanx..looking forward for ur  response..

  • This problem is still not resolved ..I have to create a password at every login.......pls pls help OUT!!!!!!!

  • I have tried to replicate your problem.  I may need to delete and re-create your account.

  • I just emailed you a new password.  Please try and use that password for the next few days.

  • I cannot give you a new password if your email address doesn't work properly.  Please update the email address in your profile.

  • Hi,

    thanx for help nd response but I did not received any e-mail regarding the password.

    I have already updated my e-mail in  my profile ..it's ....... singhalyogi22@gmail.com