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Old Forum Content Has Arrived!

  • Over the last couple of days we've been hard at work finishing the migration of the old forum content over to this community.   All of the posts have been moved with some going into their respective forum threads here.  For example,  a post in  "Scripts" in the old forum is in "Scripts and Agent Procedures" here.   For threads that didn't have a counterpart in the new forum we pushed that content into "Archive - Old Forum."  We also created a couple new forums here, including:  Ticketing, Reporting & InfoCenter, Installation & Setup.  

    The last step is indexing all this new content for search.  We are estimating that this will take another 24 hours.  We are also working through a lingering search indexing issue that may prolong that time.  

    As you look for content you will notice that "ImportUser" is associated with old forum content and that at the bottom of each post you will see the old forum thread name and username. 

    Thanks for your patience as we tackled this migration.  Let me know if you have any questions.

    KNOWN ISSUE: Some of the pasted script content hasn't come over properly.  

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  • YAY!

  • allright, that certainly is a value add !!!!

  • Everything is here now!

  • Not sure it's working right.   Got a Google Alerts hit on something supposedly there, but the link keeps getting "Access Denied" and I can't find it by searching here for the exact text.


  • Send me the link Ken, and I will look at it.  I've had to re-index the whole site over the weekend working on these search issues.  Still haven't cleared the errors though.  

  • Seems to be working now, Brendan, so don't worry about it.

    BTW, can I make a suggestion, please?  (Hope it's not too late)

    All of the imported forum postings have the exact same title: "Imported Post".   That makes them a little hard to tell apart, eh?   Would it be possible to use the original subject line (add the "Imported post" to the end if you like.)


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  • I'm happy to say that we just resolved the "Imported Post" issue that came with the old forum data.  It will take a little time for the posts to get re-indexed, but my preliminary searches are already showing the updated posts properly, instead of the "Import Post" title.  

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