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Please get a good forum. This one sucks.

  • I would love to hear just one person (not Brendan) tell how this Telligent software is better than vBulletin.

    I have a feeling that I will be waiting a long time...

  • I have been taking a wait and see approach to this forum "change". After a month of actually trying to use it, I am finding it starting to become easier to use. However, when compared to the previous forum, this one does seem sophomoric. It is also a little frustrating, even though I am used to it. I guess it feels like I was working with an iPad for a while, and then someone replaced it with an etch-a-sketch.

  • If they couldput the page back and forward buttons at the top and allow you to sort so that new posts were at the top of the page, rather than at the bottom it would make it much easier to live with. At least that way you wouldn't have to keep scrolling to the bottom of every page.

  • Brendan,

    Despite numerous customers making complaints and in some cases providing constructive feedback, I have yet to see any noticeable improvement to this 'forum'. I won’t re-iterate the deficiencies as they have all been said before.

    I (and I know of several others) have stopped all Kaseya community involvement because this forum / website is just too horrible to work with.

    I am completely astounded that Kaseya is still pushing ahead with this garbage...and for what? Wiki's & Tags? We dont want this!

    Please listen to your customers, abandon this folly and return to the old forum or an updated version of it.

    This debarkle is not only damaging your relationship with your customers, it is damaging your brand.

    Joshua Niland

  • Josh,

    I haven't been ignoring any of the requests, in fact, I've been working very hard to accommodate many of the suggestions.  As you can imagine, changes to a production server used by over 500 people per day with over 1200 registered users aren't going to be made on the fly without proper testing and validation.  You are part of a select group of users who were heavy users of vBulletin.  These changes have impacted you the most severely, and I continue to be very sorry for your frustration and hope that as we work to improve this community's usability you'll continue to approach it with an open mind.

    In the future, I would value a direct phone conversation to help me better understand your perspective.

    My office line is below, and my cell phone is: 714.928.6074.

  • Gamer-X is in total agreement with this... I was there... it was not pretty.  Here we go again...It looks like despite my pending phone call with Brendan, that the community is stuck with this ....insert words here that have 4 letters and are not kind....( not that I have any influence... all you other people did not either)  ID10T Error  Why did you have to screw it all UP?  You assume that everyone likes this new forum.  I have NOT seen one post in favor of it.  I did see someone want a facebook look.  UH DUDE, it already looks like Facebook.


    See my recent post about issues with this forum.  Moving a forum the way it was done, destroys communities.  Kaseya did this with their first forum and we lost (in my opinion) 1/2 of the contributors that I really missed.  Now this.  I bet most of the seasoned knowledgeable people that took their time to help people have decided it's not worth their time anymore.

    The old community, in my opinion, was a major factor in the success of Kaseya and it's products/services.


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  • Seriously have to add my 2 Euros here and say that surely there are better forum solutions out there that this one.  I have to agree with far182 & Gamer-X in that this forum structure in incredibly unsatisfying and isn't enhancing the support levels or community experience.  The old forum encapsulated this and was a key factor in our continuing of the Kaseya solution.

    I don't have enough fingers or toes to count the number of times the previous forum saved me, especially when the Kaseya helpdesk never bothered to even reply to my support requests.

    Fix it or revert it, please.

  • I have probably said it before but I will say it again.....   I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS FORUM WAS CONSIDERED A UPGRADE TO vBulletin.  

    One of the most useful features in a forum is to search by category.  That does not even exist.  

    Simple things like the screen design takes up so much room.  Also, the forum can't even be found from the support page.  It still links to the old forum...

    I agree that this "upgrade" is a bad mark on the reputation of Kaseya.  

    Go back now and at least the new clients won't ever know of this and current users will be happy again.  

  • My 2 cents (sense)--what if Kaseya were to revert back the vBulletin forum, bringing the very little content this forum has back to it, and put this new forum back into a test environment, as I think this is where it needs to be.  There's something to be said about going live too soon.  I don't know how much money kaseya has invested in this new software, but based on my experience and the comments of my peers, I suspect that a change "backward" may be warranted, at least in the short term, if the new software is to be used.  When searching forums and knowledgebases, the look can be basic like it was.  No one comes here because this place looks like Candyland.  No-frills front end is what we need, like the vBulletin.  The back-end (insert pun comment here) just needs to be improved.  

    I sure can't get much in this new forum, and i find myself using the old one almost as my default.

    Kaseya, please listen to your customers--we make you possible.

  • I have been forced to use this new forum although I too was in the camp that disliked it.

    However, there have been some major changes over time and it is getting better. Off the top of my head, these are some of the gripes i had that I see have been fixed.

    1. The search seems more stable.

    2. The view takes up more than 10% of the screen real estate and the threads are readable. Great!

    3. The old content is now imported.

    4. The flow of getting into forums is more like vBulletin was. Eg. We can now just see all the latest posts for all forums by default. Also, browsing the different forums is easy.

    5. They did away with seperate sections for MSPs vs. in-house users. To my mind, this one was truly a case of 'what were they thinking?' but it's long gone! Fantastic.

    One thing i love is the resources section. But only because Kaseya themselves are actually posting helpful scripts. Should they have switched from vBulletin? I'm not convinced.

    I'm sure your job hasn't been easy over the past few months, Brendan, however this thing has come a long way and is finally proving to be the helpful resource VB was. Let's just hope stragglers finally come back.