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Please get a good forum. This one sucks.

  • I can't search,

    i can't reply half the time.

    i can't get rid of double spacing

    Im not getting replys from posts i lodge but am from ever other post so have had to turn it off for now.



    The last one was way better

  • @lingario - Sorry you are frustrated.  I am working on the search issues and expect the server move that we are doing this evening will help with that.  Not sure why you can't reply half the time, please send me a screenshot when you run across that problem.  I am also working on refining the email notifications, so stay tuned.

    Feel free to contact me directly if you want to talk more about this.

  • Test post....

    Brendan is the man....

  • The old forum is still alive and kicking....why not head back ;-)

  • The old forum is about to be killed off, and this forum sucks just as bad as it did on day one.

  • The old forum had one thread left open for some discussion on the migration to this community, but because we are working on moving that data over to this forum the last thread has been turned to a moderated status and then will be made read only next week.

  • @Scott Nally - I'm sorry you are frustrated.  If you like to send me an email, I'd be happy to setup a time to discuss things with you.    


  • @lingario

    I think something's wrong with your account or browser. If your account was brought over from the old Forum they're may have been something wrong with the import. I'd call support and have them check it out or just set up a new login/account and test it. I've asked several of my peers who also frequent this forum and they aren't experiencing the same issues as you.

    I've tested in the following:

    IE 7, 8   Firefox 3.6    on windows 7 and linux (Suse 11.3, and Ubuntu 10.04)

  • See my recent post about issues with this forum.  Moving a forum the way it was done, destroys communities.  Kaseya did this with their first forum and we lost (in my opinion) 1/2 of the contributors that I really missed.  Now this.  I bet most of the seasoned knowledgeable people that took their time to help people have decided it's not worth their time anymore.

    The old community, in my opinion, was a major factor in the success of Kaseya and it's products/services.

  • I agree with this.  

    A large part of the value of Kaseya is in the community.  It amazes me is that not only was the discussion content not brought across, but searches on this forum don't find info from the old one either.   It's like K never existed before.  

    This is simply stupid, myopic policy that shows no concept of what Kaseya's paying clients need.


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  • This has to be one of the worst looking messageboards I have ever seen.  Is there a way to sort by topic?  For example, I want to see BUDR related posts.  In the previous forum there was a subsection.  It looks like now you are just shown all recent posts unless I'm missing something.  I honestly don't know who would possibly think that this new forum is an upgrade over the last one.  This is a case of web 2.0 going overboard.

  • @Ken - we are working hard to improve usability, and like you mentioned, one of the keys to that is bringing over the data from the old forums.  We are in the process of doing that.  

  • @nsummy - There are several ways that you can access the BUDR content.  This would ring true for any topic you are trying to locate.

    1.  Here is the link directly to the forum dedicated to BUDR:  community.kaseya.com/.../93.aspx

    2.  In this new community, tags are a big part of making things useful.  So as you post, please don't forget to tag items.  You will see a tag cloud on the right side of most of the forum pages.  Here is a link to all forums posts tagged BUDR:  community.kaseya.com/.../default.aspx

    3.  Then there is a federated search where all content gets indexed.  community.kaseya.com/.../SearchResults.aspx

    I hope this helps.

  • I found it now.  I just missed the tab that said "forum."

  • After reading this forum yesterday, I thought I would come back here and post something.  I'm always up for a game of "I hate this forum", but I forgot where this was located and spent 20 minutes trying to find it by typing in search keywords.  Nothing came up.  I stumbled upon it by accident just now.  My search was for "forums" "sucks" "tags" and "crap".  Seemed like those were some of the words I remembered reading.  My post was going to say, "I hate this forum" and then offer nothing constructive.  But now, I've got plenty of constructive things to say: "fix the search".  Fix it.  Thanks!