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VSA 9.5 feedback and impressions

  • Hello everyone,

    "Since we upgraded to 9.5, two or more techs cannot connect to the same machine."

    Any update about this issue? Is it resolved?

    We are planning to update to 9.5 and we want to know if there is any relevant/affecting bug.

    Thank you, regards.

  • I tested over three connections via Remote Control recently with no issues.  Are others experiencing an issue with this approach?

  • You will be able to get multiple technicians on a session. However, we've had at most 3 official reports that sessions would freeze if multiple techs were on a session. If this is your issue, please create a ticket so we can get more momentum on this.

  • SIES

    According the tech support, they have identified a few others with this issue but it is not widespread.  The ticket is still open as of now.  As we have progressed with this issue we found it only to be related to servers. Workstations we can have multiple connections with no issues.  Our work around right now is if someone is connected with RC, the other can connect with LC. This works about 80% of the time.  

    We are not seeing freezing. But if the 2nd  tech tries to connect it sticks on "Connecting" for about 10 seconds, and then goes to "Session disconnected"  you can even see the logs that someone was connected for a bout 10 seconds.

    If you are ready to upgrade to 9.5 id go for it.

  • We are one of the places that sees the freeze issue frequently, and are one of the 3 officially reporting the problem.

    This is the official response, as given from management, yesterday:

    "Thank you for submitting this issue. We take all issues seriously and investigate each one individually. In this case, because this issue affects a very small number of customers, we have marked it Won’t Fix. If we receive similar reports from a greater number of customers in the future, we may revisit this issue and will keep you informed."

    In other words, they either can't figure it out, or they have so much else to work on, that hey can't spend the time on it to figure it out, due to too many other issues that need fixing. Frankly, I think it's the latter - they are just prioritizing and this is a low priority vs. other issues.

    frankly, i'd settle for auto-reconnect as that would effectively 'get around' the issuse, if nothing else.

  • We also got that same message in our ticket. I think this is the first time I've been told by anyone, "We aren't going to fix that"

  • Unfortunately for us the issue with KRC is, when a second tech wants to connect to a machine that another tech is working on, he can't do it. The old KRC will time out and report session ended. That's the same issue reported. The remote connect from the new Live Connect will also not connect to a shared session, but will connect to a private session. So you can have a console session and a private session to the same machine... So colloboration between 2 techs is not possible.

    At this time we haven't seen the freezing of the remote session, but our testing is still in progress.....

  • We will be staying on 9.4 latest hotfix until these KRC issues are resolved, pointless updating to 9.5 if people are being told they arn't fixing bugs!

  • Hello,

    thank you all for your feedback guys! So, except for "two or more techs cannot connect to the same machine", do you confirm that there are NOT any other relevant bugs?

    Thank you.

  • Override  (Block specific MS KB patches) does not work in Software Management

  • these bugs with RC are not unique to 9.5. 9.4 had the same issues exactly. Also, as far as I know, the KLC code is the same for both versions (ave a version number), so whatever KLC does or doesn't do in 9.4, you'll have the same experience in 9.5.

    Frankly, there is no reason NOT to be on 9.5. 9.5 is where development is at, I urge you to get on it ASAP.

  • The only other bug I have seen is if I try to move a procedure or report to another folder it dissapears. Happens every once and while.   Support has identified it as a known issue.