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9.4 Feedback/Impressions

  • Before 9.4 we were using 9.3 KRC. Now with 9.4 we are using KLC Remote Control. We had several servers with fast connections but the latency would be 100-360 ms. Sometimes even much higher.

    Now with 9.4 we are seeing 10-25 ms on average while connected. This is a huge improvement.

  • The latency was much higher due to an issue with our netcode not disabling Nagle's algorithm properly. The algorithm would introduce 200 ms incremental latencies such as what you saw. Glad it worked for you!

  • Hey folks!

    Is anyone experiencing policies taking longer to deploy? We have the automatic policy deployment interval set to 5 minutes. However, we are seeing that for new machines the policies might take several hours to deploy.  

    We are just experiencing this issue since we upgraded to 9.4, we have open a ticket with support but I was curious to see if anyone else has experience this problem.



  • We are on with agents at and having nightmares with not being able to connect with KRC, just dropping out straight away. Some agents work but I wish we had not jumped to 9.4 so soon. Will wait for a longer time next release there are still too many bugs. Support told us to upgrade from to to fix the remote control issues but our service desk are limping at the moment due to this ongoing issue.

  • So I finally swapped over from KRC to RC after applying the latest patch and it's been good so far, before it was unusable for us.  Our staff is very vocal when their tools aren't working so it would seem whatever the issues were before with RC are at least better.

  • We've been discovering some issues with the new (LCRC?) - Too many acronyms lol. I have a ticket open for one machine that just refuses to work on even after uninstall / reinstall and a force agent update. But since updating to .15 I have noticed more connections issues with the new LCRC. If I can pinpoint machines I will open a ticket for those as well. It will either sit at connecting or somtimes the RC will just crash all together.

  • Sometimes we have found machines without the endpoint service running. Sometimes it will require manual re-provisioning. If you have a ticket number, we can take a look at it.

  • This is what I am seeing for my live connect issues www.screencast.com/.../WhKx5p8fw - I have not opened a ticket yet for that, but I do have a ticket number for a machine that we cannot remote into with the new remote control, but rdp and krc all work just fine. The ticket number is 175098

  • It appears opening more than 2 KLC sessions closes all sessions while trying to open the third sesson. Anyone else reporting this?

  • We are having the same issue, 2 sessions only!

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  • I have 4 active sessions right now (just for the sake of testing). I do not seem to have a limitation on the number of sessions I am able to have open concurrently.

    As a side note, everyone in our office all got new monitors a few months back and when we did I opened something in the neighborhood of 24 concurrent connections on KRC 9.3 just for the sake of showing I could see them all on my massive monitors, which was quite silly, but also fun. I have not tried this in 9.4, but I can at least confirm I could do 4.

  • We are having the problem with LCOD in 9.4. The first session is closed after opening the third session.

  • I assume most of you are using Windows?  The new Remote Control is absolutely busted in Mac OS.  

    -About every other time I task switch to another application the KLC client crashes.  

    -If I open more than 2 sessions the KLC client crashes.

    -The "Window" menu is disabled in KLC so if you have multiple windows it's very difficult to switch between them.  Likewise if you right click on the icon in the dock it does not list the open windows.  As a result if you have more than one session open and minimize any sessions that are not the primary they are gone forever as there's no way to select that window again.

    -KLC triggers the discrete GPU on a Macbook for no good reason.

    I saw the workarounds here listed to use the old KRC but it appears when I do these that the new KLC client is still used which is the source of all of my problems.  I WISH there was a way to go back to the 9.3 client, as 9.4 has been nothing but problems for me.

    EDIT: After installing the old KRC is working again!  It's a miracle.

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  • Sorry to comment, but when I signed up for the 9.4 a few months ago, I believed it was near "release candidate" ready.

    It doesn't appear to be anywhere near.

    Saas cloud users are lagging seriously behind the "update fix" process here by a large margin.

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  • So far 9.4 has been great. Major issue is using Kaseya Remote Control from Macs - crashes constantly, especially when dragging windows around.