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Has Kaseya given up on this? Our storagecraft rep tells me that the module is finished and just waiting on Kaseya approval, but that was months ago.

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  • Any new information on this module? We're extremely interested.

  • I am interested in a StorageCraft module as well, would love to get an update, thanks.

  • I never have heard anything more back from my Storagecraft rep... I've reached out to here yet again to remind her that I'm still waiting for an answer.  The lack of an immediate answer is rather telling, because you would think it if was something that was a priority thing, my rep would at least have already heard of it :(

  • I heard back directly from Storagecraft a couple of weeks ago. This is a copy/paste of a portion of the email I received:

    When we started this module development process, we were working with an outsourced development house.   The project was moving along and then a few things changes mid-stream that through it off track, primarily being an API change that forced us to go back and rewrite major sections.   Since that event, we have been dealing with various issues around this module from having to redesign major portions of it, to fixing bugs in other sections.   Recognizing that we need to have more control over it, we made a decision to bring this into our in house development.   At this time, we are training our development teams on the current code for the module getting that working knowledge internally.   We still face some challenges in that we are not Kaseya experts but are learning and working with some folks to help us along.  I apologize, but at this time, I do not have a release date.   I would like to be optimistic and say we can get this done by the end of this year, but we are still evaluating all the variables involved in this development process.  

  • Almost a year now since the last post, any updates?

  • Don’t bother. It’s deader than Trump’s chance of a second term. From what I gathered you won’t be able to renew either. Maybe the (ex) PM can enlighten us?