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R9.2 First Impressions

  • We upgrade from 6.5 so Authanvil was a new addition.  Before the upgrade, we could not get aabackup to work to migrate 2fa off of our VSA server....simply did a fresh install rather than a migration as we only have 8 tokens.  Then, after the upgrade, we could not get the Password server to configure through the GUI and needed to do the configuration manually on the back end.    Dakota from AA sent an XML file to use and we then needed to manually copy in the required files

  • Do have Jonathan Springham and rdk@waslet.be have an update?

    - KES problems

    - Discovery problems

    - etc.

  • still running after the discovery solutions....

  • Dear Jonathan Springham,

    Are the problems with the AVG solved now at your environment?

    Is there any information about a patch for it? I saw that there is a new patch released: But in the release notes there is no remark about for example "Resident Shield being disabled at each reboot".

  • I'm also wondering if there has been any update on the AVG issues. Can anyone with R9.2 confirm if AVG is having issues like previously mentioned in this thread? (resident shield disabled with every reboot? any other issues?)

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    I cannot comment specifically if their issues are resolved.

    However, when approved (most likely next week) should have some KES/AVG fixes for some lingering issues with the new AVG2013 engine.

    I am not aware of any specific high priority issues with Discovery at this point.

    We do have some KNMi fixes slated to release soon ( most likely).

    clarified on discovery topic
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  • Well, I can comment a little bit, having the new AVG installed to test on my notebook. I can tell you it does survive a normal reboot without Resident Shield getting disabled.

    So, it's just one example, but it least it seems to be behaving.. Unfortuantely the same cannot be said for our Kaspersky installations :-( We've been told it's really an exception to the rule, but at the moment over two thirds of all Kaspersky installations is out-of-date on the definitions. That used to be one third, so even after a lot of attention and work, that's only getting worse...

  • Am looking for 9.2 installer, filled up request form. anyone any help please

  • just run your existing kinstall.exe installer. It will detect that 9.2 is available and offer to and install if for you. If it doesn't, your licence code needs updating - in which case either raise a support ticket, or contact your account manager.

    The kinstall.exe isn't version specific -- you don't need a different "version" for a new Kaseya release.

  • Since this post has gotten some legs, I'll throw what I know in as well.

    The KAV issue that @oudjesEric is talking about is no exception, but a severe known issue. About 60-70 percent of our AV is out of date as well, with one fix already coming up short to resolve the issue. If you have KAV, and it is working, I wouldn't be messing with much right now. 9.3 is on the horizon anyways....:)