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    As  mentioned, we are looking for alternate solutions, while keeping in mind the feedback from the survey we took.

    Occasionally, I would even be moderated on the community - so it is not specific to user(s)

    I believe it is related to several things - such as frequency of posts, if you edit a post, and the content of the post (Example: The post contains images, attachments, etc).

    If you do have further issues - do not hesitate to reach out to any of the team members mentioned. (That includes me)

  • Hi Nicolas - I understand that you took a survey and I appreciate that you'd like to offer the perfect solution with every point in your survey covered but we're not asking that you build us a Hydra - we're just asking that you resolve a particular and immediate issue - as it sounds like Tim has done. Thanks.

  • OK - got moderated again... Sheesh...  :-)