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Prioritizing for Customer Success

  • @nsummy - I appreciate your concerns regarding support.  The answer is yes, we are short staffed, more tickets are coming in than we can handle and we are having efficiency issues.  That said, I've been on board for ~2.5 months as new Chief Customer Officer, and have made massive changes including headcount allocations / new hires which will help in these support areas which are very frustrating for customers like yourself and are frankly **unacceptable** to me as a person looking out for the interests of our customer base.

    The good news is we have a plan and are working as quickly as we can to ameliorate support woes, but it will take some additional time for hiring, on boarding and training new folks on our team - some of these folks on our plan are already on board and should be jumping on the support queue pretty quick as they have had Kaseya product experience in the past *(which is what we look for in new hires).  

    The changes are not just stopping there though, Kaseya performed a massive overhaul & redirection of focus for our entire dev organization and have X 3 the number of engineering / dev working on our existing product sets than we did 6 months ago - this is how we rolled in extra fixes, enhancements to the 9.2 pending release.  We are not perfect yet and we are getting the kinks out of our new processes/workflows, like improving patch releasing, but i am feeling bullish that we are hitting our stride and we should be seeing massive improvements all around in the very near future.  

    I hope you see this note as me being transparent to the Kaseya community, acknowledging the areas of improvement that are needed, and our working in earnest at a mutually beneficial end goal - attempting to make massive level internal changes for the sake of our customers, changes to deliver the maximum value from our products, and these changes leading towards the building of strong partnerships with our customers once more.

    In Your Service,

    Alex Cuevas

    Chief Customer Officer

  • Dear Alex,

    Speaking for myself, I very much appreciate your most recent note and explanation of Kaseya support issues and current status.

    Hiring new staff is always a problem trying to get them up to speed.  While we all have been asked to be patient (over three years now with all the changes) I am hoping this time our patience will be rewarded.

  • I'm a fairly new and small customer of Kaseya's.  I quickly went from being really excited about all the things I could achieve with Kaseya to hair pulling, utter frustration, at a product that is so woefully unreliable it would make me scream.  

    There were times that trying to do anything would result in multiple roadblocks to success it was just diabolical.  

    All the time I kept thinking 'how can I possibly be successful at supporting my clients when the provider of the software I rely on is so awful'.  I've also recently been told that na1vsa22 suffered from multiple hardware issues.  Maybe it did but I can't be reliable when the software/hardware I'm using isn't reliable.

    I'm not as invested as some in Kaseya and I've held off developing scripts and putting time into it, largely I'm just waiting until I'm out of contract with Kaseya so that I can move onto  an alternative MSP provider.  (That I hope is better - who knows)

    If the software did what it said on the side of the box, it would be great.  In theory it's a great product, However,  I've reported some really dumb programming mistakes that really shouldn't be made by competent programmers.  (I've come to this career from the programming side of IT).  I really do hope you guys effect real change in your organization.  I really hope you can create a quality culture. I might not be around to see it though.

    If I can make any suggestion it is lots and lots of automated unit testing for every part of your system, white box and black.  Look at selenium for the black box stuff.  

    Also measure your ticket turn around time and the quality of the responses to tickets.  "Someone will be assigned to your ticket" is not much of a response.  I could give you lots of examples of vacuous non statements, just look at responses to the tickets I've submitted for examples..  

    I genuinely wish your organization can do a better job, it would certainly benefit me.  I've also heard the hollow speeches of the "new leadership" from many organizations, politicians included.  Real change is difficult to achieve and requires a change in culture, in my opinion.  

    Good Luck

    I wish you the best

    Paul Hill

  • - I appreciate your post and concerns, and regret the experiences you have been having. I would like the opportunity to speak with you further and will reach out directly offline.

    Kind Regards,

    Michael Duncan

    Vice President | Global Customer Support

  • The most important thing that said that I hope rings in the ears of the Kaseya chiefs and really inspires change is the point he made about response times.

    Having a dispatch staff member respond to a ticket and say "your ticket has been assigned" does not stop the timer that we as customers count until we feel our issues or inquiries are being addressed. Internally you might have a system to measure response time, and the dispatch responding in this way severely skews your numbers. The organization I work for does not do this for that very reason.

  • - Thank you very much for sharing this and for sending me a few examples offline, as it confirmed this was the case several months back. We have made quite a few adjustments since then around our internal processes and I haven’t seen any recent occurrences of this type of message. We are continuing to make further adjustments to improve the overall quality and support experience for all our valued customers like yourself, and I appreciate and welcome your feedback.


    Michael Duncan

    Vice President | Global Customer Support


  • To reaffirm what has mentioned, I did find that the issue I was speaking about has actually not happened since May this year. I'm happy about the change in Kaseya's internal procedures, but I'd like to point out that my mentality hadn't changed until I reviewed my recent tickets and actually saw the difference because I was used to the old responses (Your ticket has been assigned...).

    I guess going forward it would be good for Kaseya to publicly announce changes like this, even if internally this seems like a small change, it's important for customers like me to see that a change was made, because my eyes wouldn't have been opened to this change had it not been for me taking the time to try and find examples of the issue happening.

    Thank you Michael for addressing this with me.

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  • - Thanks for the response and your point is very well taken around communicating some of the process changes we’ve made. To your point, in some cases changes like this (big or small) can make a noticeable difference in improvement and we will ensure to do a much better job at communicating this in the future.

    Kind Regards,

    Michael Duncan

    Vice President | Global Customer Support


  • So I have been working with this product for a couple years now. I have also been on the majority of the webinars, and honestly, nothing has changed. It's the same smoke and mirrors.

    We still have issues with tickets, taking days to get an initial response, this would be fine, if the response was helpful. Just to point out a ticket recently, it sat open for 28 hours with zero activity. When it was assigned the response was a cookie cutter response that if the tech would have read the ticket, they would have seen that what they suggested had already been attempted. It was clear that they didn't even read the ticket, that was 4 sentences long.

    I have 2 tickets that have been open for over a year now, nothing updated, zero communication. And don't even get me started on the new licensing thing they are doing, that's a complete disaster.

  •  – Thanks for your post and I appreciate the conversation we had last Friday. I’ll be following up with you offline on this as we spoke.


    Michael Duncan

    Vice President | Global Customer Support


  • Michael,

    Thanks for taking the time to discuss these issues with me. I really do appreciate you taking time out of your day to speak with me.