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MAC OS 10.10 Live Connect functionality

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I know this has been asked many times, and I have scoured the net for answers.  Is it possible to use Live Connect with MAC OS X?  

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  • I believe it was supported in Mavericks but It's doesn't seem fully supported in Yosemite (I just tried it and I got the browser not supported message) I'm still running 7.0 though so I can't speak to any changes in 8.0

  • R8 LiveConnect is also not working in Yosemite.

    A bunch of software reads the version of the OS 10.10 as 10.1, which causes all sorts of incompatibility issues. But as long as Kaseya refuses to revisit the LiveConnect code to make an update, we're screwed.

  • New Remote Control and file manager for 10.10 is working again with VSA or and the latest Agent, but I am getting an SSL error when trying to use LC Terminal.   are you running

  • Hi Andrew can you use Live Connect on the Mac itself, or are you talking about taking over a Mac through Live Connect from Windows ?

    If you take a look at the presentation where they showed off R8 you will see they are using a Mac for that.

    (The demo is not given on a mac with  Yosemite )

    I can indeed take over a Mac through Live connect, but the issue is using Live Connect on the Mac itself.

    That is not fixed yet, or do you say otherwise ?

  • I agree with on this. I am using, and LiveConnect "is not supported" by any browser browser from a 10.10 machine to connect to any type of remote endpoints.

  • We are using, and I also get the "Browser is not supported" error on Yosemite with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox (all latest versions).  

    Am I missing something?  Or is Live Connect just not ever going to be supported on R8/Yosemite?

  • I don't think you're missing anything. Kaseya has said they aren't updating the Live Connect plugins anymore - so until they integrate the functionality in their remote control tool (not currently on the roadmap so don't expect it anytime soon), you have to use a specifically supported OS / Browser combination.

  • Hi obiwan8 and all others, the main reason we moved over to R9 so fast because it HAS full Yosemite support. Live Connect and all others things work perfectly fine there.

    (Maybe even better than on some Windows PCs)

    If you look at the release notes at the VERY top

    You will see this :

    Additional New Features

    Agents - Apple VAKF-311 Extended support for installing agents on OS X 10.10.

    Live Connect - Apple CC-2066 Live Connect website now works with Yosemite (MacOSX 10.10)

    Kind regards,