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Since when is IT a Monday Through Friday Job!!!

  • Disappointed once again that when I need help, I'm not getting it.  I've been waiting over 4 weeks for the v6.5 upgrade to fix an issue I have in 6.3.  I get to the conference and they say that over 3,000 upgrades have been performed and they are releasing 7.0 in May.  Well i talked with the CEO & CTO and they were suprised.  They say the right things, but I'm not sure they are in touch.  I did get the notice to uprade while at the conference.

    Well, I'm trying to install the upgrade, and it says I must contact support to have them remove the current version of KND.  I submit a ticket and call to get a message that Kaseya support is closed!!!!!!!!!!  Then I get an email from the tech a few minutes later that says to download a zip and foillow the instructions.  No instructions in the zip!!!  Then I go back to the ticket to request instructions, and I see a link that I must cut and paste into a browser, since it wasn't an active link.  The link says group not found!!!

    I pay alot of money for support and upgrades, and I haven't gotten an upgrade in almost a year and support usually takes days unless I hound them.


    Since when is our industry a Monday - Friday business.  I for one do many things on the weekends, and who in their right mind would upgrade a core business program during the week with little or no recovery time.

    If I performed like this to my client base, I would be out of business.

    Do disappointed once again.

  • 2 Things...

    1) It's Easter Sunday

    2) 6.5 has been freely available to download from their website since April 1st.

    Stop working, relax, go hang out with your family! Try again next weekend.

  • Hi Jack

    I see the ticket #17747 has been responded to by one of our techs in Auckland. I have asked the tech working today in Dublin to follow up with you shortly

    I'll also keep an eye on that ticket myself


  • Hello Jack

    My name is Olu from the Dublin office, I have called your phone number, there is no one to pick the call, I will keep trying as the day goes by, one of my colleague in the Auckland team is awaiting your update on the ticket as well, we are already looking at the issue for you while waiting for your response, thank you for your patience.

  • @ghanssen - 2 Things

    1 - Yes it was Easter Sunday but not everyone can take the weekend off.

    2 - Any chance you can send me the link on the Kaseya website - I'm pretty sure it doesn't exist unless you mean the form to fill in asking for the download - I've now been waiting over two months for this upgrade and despite various promises in emails here I am still sitting on an old version unable to run it on our internal system before upgrading our two customer facing servers and the 25k client machines we have checking in.

    On a positive note I'm pleased to see that Kaseya were providing some level of support but I've also experienced the problem when logging calls later in the evening here only for the support guys in Florida being unable to call me on my mobile phone when trying to get back to me. Yes I do have a local number I can call in on but as Jack suggests if we provided this level of support to our customers we'd very soon not have any left to support.

  • 1) Your absolutely right, you might have to work weekends, just don't be surprised when its hard to reach people on Easter Sunday. Might not be the best day to upgrade on whim.

    2) www.kaseya.com/.../free-trial

    I followed up with my rep asking when I was going to get my upgrade, and was told to just go here and get it, so I did, and I got it.  That was April 2nd.  Downloaded the installer, ignored the trial key that they sent me, and scheduled the install several weeks after that when I could have all the resources available.

    Our upgrade went without a hitch.  Add-on modules: KES, KAM

  • +1 for upgrade went without a hitch.  As for Easter Sunday, I don't think that should matter, I got called on Sunday morning at 6am to show someone how to use check-in/out in sharepoint.

  • Just my 2 cents, I think Easter Sunday support should be for critical support only, not an upgrade that really could probably be performed any weekend.

    I guess there are 2 schools of thought though: Drag employees away from their family so that they can support mundane, non-critical support tasks or outsource to a country that doesn't celebrate/care about the holiday and receive bottom of the barrel support.

    As for waiting so long for the 6.5 upgrade, that's an issue in itself :)

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