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  • Hey it's one of the  "the bottom 5%"  here, I'm assuming that you're classifying me in that category as I've posted disparaging comments in this and the other threads you pointed out. Though I will also caveat this by pointing out that I've also helped many other users over the years with posts, scripts etc.  I won't however pretend that the grass is greener than it really is.

    Let's clear some things up.

    My company spend a similar amount as I've just spent on a new car with Kaseya every month for support.  In the last year we've logged less than 20 tickets, I don't think we're getting a good return on that perhaps I'm wrong. So when I request the upgrade link I don't think waiting 2 months to get it was particularly good customer service.  That's why my posts end up on here, and you know the sad thing is that 100% of the time I have a moan it get resolved

    One of my colleagues went to Connect a few years back and wasn't impressed factoring in all the travel, associated costs and not being able to see all the breakouts, I personally think that a couple of us should go but didn't think this was the year as things at Kaseya are still very much being put on track again.  Previous commenters in this very thread haven't been overly congratulatory over the breakout sessions describing them as fluff to being frustrated that good useful sessions overlapped.  Recording and sticking on YouTube is so damned easy to do these days and we'd all benefit.  Even those of us that didn't spend the couple of thousand $$ turning up for the event.

    What these forums need are some people that aren't shy to spout off a little as if all anyone does is tell Kaseya how wonderfully they are performing they'll take the foot off the pedal and coast along as has happened in the past.

  • ... I was wondering when someone would call me out on that.  Smile  No, I don't throw you in that category for the reasons you'd outlined... you have constructive criticisms but also contribute to the Community with scripts, etc.

    I'm referring to the individuals who start a thread solely to bubble up to the top with unhelpful, non-constructive attacks.   is dead-on and said it better than I could.

  • I'd be proud to lump myself in Alistair's group if he'll have me. I like to think that I've also given back to the forum, when I can and when I think I have something to contribute. I rarely complain about the VSA itself and I understand and expect that there will be bugs and problems with it - as there are in all software that I've ever dealt with (other than the software I've written myself, of course!  :-) ). I depend upon the VSA and would have a difficult time serving my users without it. My complaint has always been with the lack of support / poor support. Tickets that get opened but never get a response. Tickets that have been open for an inordinate amount of time without the courtesy of an update from support. The near constant need to prod support to find out what's going on with a ticket. I've spoken via email and phone to all the (previous) management at Kaseya that would listen and it was clear that, while they were all eager to pay lip service to the need for good support, agreed with many of my comments and suggestions and thanked me profusely for my input, none were ever eager to make the changes that were needed to make that actually happen. And it sickened me (and others, I'm sure) when support opened their own forum here so that they could bang their own drum while the same old issues with support went unresolved. They'd have been much better off spending the time going back and dealing with the tickets that needed a response. I haven't spoken with current management and maybe they'll do something about the support issues but so far, from what I read here, it's the same drum - just different drummers.

    I agree with Alistair when he said, "What these forums need are some people that aren't shy to spout off a little as if all anyone does is tell Kaseya how wonderfully they are performing they'll take the foot off the pedal and coast along as has happened in the past." And, if all that is to be found here is sugar and goo the place is going to get empty fast. But I also think that these forums should be used, as much as possible, to help each other when we can and I'm betting that Alistair and others would agree with that as well. I know I've picked up a ton of info here and I hope I've thanked each and every one who posted that info. I also note that most all of the useful info here has come from my fellow forum members - not Kaseya (check out the RDP thread if you think I'm mistaken).

    I am an in house IT guy for a global business and have also been unable to get away to attend "Connects". It's all I can do to get time for a bit of vacation most years. I now have a decent assistant and it may be easier to get away in the future but it's always going to be a struggle to find time away. My company pays very good money to Kaseya, as do all I'm sure, and given the way Kaseya has in the past chosen to break out modules so that they can charge extra for them, I have to wonder why they also haven't considered the concept of charging for Connect recordings. Many of us might be willing to pay to view some of the proceedings and sessions at our own convenience and as time permits. Also, sessions posted to youtube have got to be worth a bit for their advertizing value if nothing else.

  • Hi Zippo - you're more than welcome to my little club.  

    To be honest with you I have to say that your post made me LOL and also put a smile on my face at the end of what's been a really tough week for me.

  • Thanks, Alistair. I can relate to the tough week and am glad I was able to lighten it for you a bit. There are some very insightful and helpful people on this forum - I can't remember all of their names and don't want to leave any out, but I do hope they know how much I, and I'm sure others here, appreciate their contributions. And, if they want to whine now and then, I say more power to them. Now, go put your feet up and have a toddy!  :-)

  • I agree and stand with Allstair and zippo if they will let me join their club.

    I can empathize with the "bottom 5%" that Brian Dagan so easily dismiss as I too have gone through moments of despair with the support of this product.

    Getting back to the topic;

    Like Craig I'm also interested to know if making a trip to Kaseya Connect is worth the time and money. Like zippo I'm also inhouse IT, but I have no assistant and I also do a lot of project work that leaves me with no time for junkets.

    I have gone to many of the boot camps in the past was very disappointed with the last few as they could not really teach me anything new or inspire me to develop something that I have not already thought of before.

  • This was my first trip to Connect.  I had heard that in the past is was mainly a sales pitch and a waste of time.

    My company owners decided to take a chance this year and see if the new management would bring about beneficial changes.  I can't judge on how much was changed but I did see a few things that were helpful, the tech room, and some that was not as helpful.  Some of the techjams were a pitch and others were above my Kaseya knowledge.  

    That said, I came away from the conference with a ton of ideas to get our VSA on track.  Either by changing up how we are scanning or monitoring and utilizing best practices or by increasing the automation that we can configure.  Up til now most of our support has been done remote based on alerts.  Most of the ideas came from networking and discussing how other MSPs are doing things in their environment.  This is stuff that I'm not going to get locally as the competition is tough and nobody wants to give out the recipe for the secret sauce.  

    I met up with a great group with whom we are sharing ideas and keeping in touch on G+.  We've started a web site to trade and assist with scripts.  The forums here are OK but we'd like to see a centralized location for script sharing that can be moderated.  

    All in all, I'm glad I had the chance to go and network with so many people who are looking at their VSA from a different perspective.  So many good ideas come from outside our little microcosm. I look forward to meeting up again with the friends I've made and making new ones in the future.

  • Matt, what exactly is missing from the way scripts are shared on the community today?

  • What we generally discussed was that we didn't really have a way to locate scripts other than searching the forums.  While I've been able to find a script here or there that was relevant, most of my searches turn up posts from 2008-2011, many of which are either not answered, linked to missing posts, linked to missing scripts or the scripts won't import properly.

    What we discussed with several people was the need for a centralized location, with a search function that pulled from more than just title, that was moderated in some fashion to keep good scripts flowing.  I've stumbled across a few sites in the past, www.ayesak.com for one, that had a useful script or two. Looking back at this site more, it seems they had pretty much the same idea that fizzled out after Connect 2012.

    Until I get better at scripting, there is a lot of time spent sifting through the chaff of the forums finding things that either won't work or are not what I need.  At that point, I end up slapping together a 4 line script that are not very pretty. :)

    On the plus side, after spending, in my mind, too long fighting a flash update only to be told I then needed to work on unregistering the VGX.DLL, I was thrilled to see Brian's script uploaded yesterday AM.  That pretty much saved my entire day.  It's not all bad, just needs some improvement.

    An additional idea for Connect improvements.  The panels were great, but I'd like to see the Q&A session expanded.  Biggest change I'd like to see would be the opportunity for the person asking the question to have a chance at a follow up.  There were several times that I saw a question not really have a real answer only to move on to the next persons question.

  • Hi Everyone,

    I have posted the video of the opening keynote by Yogesh Gupta at Kaseya Connect 2014 here:


    Rest of the videos from Kaseya Connect 2014 will be available by end of this week. So stay tuned!



  • Folks,

    Kaseya Connect 2014 videos and presentations are now available here: