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Patches and improving the VSA

  • Okay I have just run the patch. The system now looks to be running well and the annoying javascript errors are gone, scrolling to the second page when you are at the bottom of a page no longer produces a blank page so I would say the basic VSA is now in good shape well done Kaseya.

    Now you just need to fix the patch process. This new process has not been quite right since day one and it is still no different with this release. It should I only had and that was all that was available. I know this has problems with last 2 times I have run it so I just reran the update. Low and Behold I got the update. I am happy with the result not the method.

  • I just wish that when you apply a patch, the server says "completed successfully" at the end - instead of just silently exiting.

    Talk about nerve wracking when the screen just closes, and you have no idea what happened. Success? failure? still running? UGH!!!