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Speed of support

  • Is it me, or is the current support failing to deliver?

    This morning at 09:42 hour I created a Prio1 support call at Kaseya because our KNM went down, and will not start again.

    To this time 12:42 hours, we have still to revive any life-signs from support.

    Why am I paying more that 20K support each year? 

  • Hi, yes I can confirm. We also had some problems with the speed of the support.
    I think the problem is the "assignment to a support agent" process; there is a lot of potential for optimization for Kaseya.

  • thats how they push up their number for the webinars.  they just ignore the tickets.

  • The issue is resolved!!

    Our main Dutch tech hero escalated the call, and promptly three Kaseya engineers started helping us.

    After a long search, the KNM Recordmanager code itself seems to have a defect.

    We got a new build (9977) and the issue was fixed.

  • Hello

    Apologies for the delays; we have a bit of backlog here... Our techs had a web session with you and were able to resolve the issue with the help of our engineers.

  • Same ole Story after all these years....tickets go into the black hole. Support may or may not close them, or, just wait for you to open a second ticket on the same issue to buy more time. Nothing new. Trust release is just a joke. I have watched the forums load up with problems from the TRUST release. No trust here.

  • My last ticket took a month and I had to email them for followup nearly everyday.  I eventually found my own solution and gave up on the ticket and/or excuses for no followup.

  • I have had similar experiences with K-Support recently, it has been frustrating.

  • Same problem here... i'm a gold customer and the SLA was exceeded every time now.

    I am very disappointed with the Kaseya support.

  • My tickets have been sitting for DAYS. Never had this prior to these last few weeks, what is going on here?