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Why would you stop supporting RDP in the May release?

  • Oh, and I can copy and paste simple text to KRC...but I can't get caps/num/scroll lock to synchronize.

  • Yeah I have just about had it. This most simplest things in RDP is missing from liveconnect. On top of it, Live connect plugin just sucks major balls. Chrome completely hates it and kaseya just gives band aids. Fix your eff'in problems kaseya!!!!!

  • I would but 7.0 broke vPro too. Cant get it to work properly and have spent too much time with support who appears not to "Get IT"...

  • It looks like nobody there seems to "get it".  Do they even administrate servers?  It doesn't seem like it.  Removing a working product with RDP and replacing it with a beta of a new one is just stupid.  

  • Please Kaseya, give us RDP back. Clients complaining why we installed VNC on their servers, and the bad performance of VNC is really annoying.

  • "Based on overwhelming customer feedback, Kaseya is re-introducing support for RDP..."


    Kudos to everyone for keeping up the pressure!