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Webinar to meet the New Members of the Kaseya Management Team

  • Well now there are complaints about the complaints :)

  • Brendan Cosgrove

    Unfortunately, we won't be posting a recording of the webinar.

    Worried about commitment issues later down the line?

    This doesn't give me confidence...

  • The new exec team is definitely listening.  :) Here's the recording of the webinar:  community.kaseya.com/.../86449.aspx

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  • Well, I need to stand corrected. Very pleased to see the webinar posted, and VERY positive about what was said therein.

    I, for one, have a renewed hope that things WILL change now. If I hadn't watched that webinar, i'd still be planning to leave Kaseya. now, I'm prepared to consider staying.

    Congrats guys, you just managed to save yourselves from losing a customer.

    - the sale of Kaseya and the introduction of all new fresh faces at the top is a positive to me. Out with old ideas and in with fresh faces and fresh ideas.

    - grateful to hear the admissions that things are bad, and that there has to be improvements. The new release schedule will take some getting used to, but I see it as a positive.

    - very pleased to hear about much improved quality testing and bug fixing.

    - Killing off the unsuccessful parts of the Kaseya internal team is another huge positive - to get change, change must be made, and if getting rid if the underperforming teams is the way to do it, then so be it.

    - killing off KRC because they could see it as a failure - big call, but the right one.

    - buying companies that can then add value to Kaseya - excellent, as long as the functionality finds its way into the VSA and isn't being sold to us as yet another extra expense 'add-on'.

    Listen to the webinar  around the 1:00.00 mark. Yogesh puts it all on the line sums it up beautifully. " If we don't fix it, we'll be dead". That one line won me over.

    Like always, we are being asked to wait and see -- this is reasonable, they need time to review, fix bugs, re-write stuff and so on. They've set a milestone - January release will make or break me, as I have to renew in February. If they miss this milestone, they're dead. The challenge is set. Lets see if they can deliver.