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Counting MS SQL connecting

  • Hello,

    How can I count the actuele number of current SQL connections and server connection to a specific MS SQL2005 server ?

    Is this possible

    Thanks in advance !

    Fred Hohenstein

    Tilburg - NL

  • Hi Fred,

    If you are talking about monitoring, there is a Windows Performance Counter object called SQLServer:General Statistics (if you are using the default Instance) or <SQLServerInstanceName>:General Statistics (if you have a unique SQL Server Instance), and within that counter object, there is a Counter called User Connections which counts the number of Non-System (User) Connections to the database server.  You can add this to a Monitor Set under the Monitoring module or you can query this via WMI using an Agent Procedure.  

    Hope this helps,


  • _IV MS SQL Server Production.xml


    Monitor Set atteched that we use here to get SQL stats