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My Kserver isn't working correctly since couples of days but support don't care ?

  • Hi,

    We have an major issues on our Kserver, and the support don't answer to the tickets...

    I've just open new ticket and as the error is "random" from the MSMQ service who lack of ressources with a 2 Xeon 6 cores, 64 Gb of Ram, 4 Raid 0 of SSD (one for system, one for webpages, one for tempdb and one for db) on a dedicated server, I don't know what to do...

    Today my coworker couldn't work with Kaseya, and me to.


    Kaseya what is the problem with the support ? What will be the delay if we were not KCA and KCP ?




  • Bon jour Etienne

    I am sorry to hear your experience with Kaseya Support has not been satisfactory.

    Can you please send me the ticket number you logged and I will investigate? I can only see one ticket logged under your name that is not closed. That ticket is regarding some localization issues in LAN Cache, which is currently with our Engineering team waiting for a hotfix. So I guess that is not the one you mention here.

    Best Regards

    Amado Hidalgo