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  • Forgive me if I come off as a noob but after opening fifty tickets in Kaseya's Portal I have to ask: where can I find documentation on their color-coding and icon scheme?  For the life of me I can't figure out why one ticket would be Green while another would be Red.  Same with the open, closed envelope icons.  There appears to be no correlation between them and the ticket's state.  Normally I'd click the Help icon but that appears to have been disabled.  I've been content to ignore this apparently poorly conceived and documented system but one of these days my boss is going to ask what they mean and I'd like to have an answer.



  • Hi Bill

    I am only guessing here but from my experience Green is new tickets (open a few days), amber is open about 7 days and red is older.  

    I, like you, wondered how I had red "open" tickets until i saw a green turn to amber a day or so later and then red a day or so later with no activity so guess it is on some sort of SLA system internally

  • Color relates to the creation date.  Green is within the last 4 days, yellow 4-7 days, red is older than 7 days.  The most important field for you to understand what's going on with your ticket though is the "status" field.

  • Thanks Brendan.  What about the open and closed envelopes?  As for the status field, if it were really that important it would be closer to the left-side of the screen, right ;)

  • I'm told to ask customers to focus on the "status" field.  I've also been told we are working on making that ticketing screen more useful.  (I dodged your question a bit, simply because I haven't heard back on what those mean.)  I'd love for you to ask a support person the next time you have a ticket open.  Let's see what they say.  :)

  • @Brendan: Thanks for the clarification on the colors behind the envelopes.

    A while back, another forum user had requested that the ticket description be added to the subject line of "Ticket Update" automated e-mails.

    May I suggest:

    Before: Kaseya Support: Ticket Update - ~ticid='CS[REDACTED]'
    After: Ticket Update: "[Description]" (~ticid='CS[REDACTED]')

    I'm not sure about other folks on here, but I usually have multiple Support tickets open at the same time, and I don't know them all by number, so it would help me to visually separate the "minor quibble/feature request" tickets from the "OH THE HUMANITY!" tickets.  Should be just as easy as changing the "Format" of the e-mail notifications, no?  Wink

    Note that I removed the "Kaseya Support" part from the Subject line... we can tell who it's from:

    (the bright red arrow is a tongue-in-cheek way of saying "no duh," for the record Stick out tongue)

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  • Brian, not a bad idea, but why keep "~ticid="?

  • @Bill: I think their ticketing system keys off that part of the subject line (i.e. something I'd never type in a normal subject line... like ~ticid='CS[REDACTED]')... that's probably how a reply e-mail back to them gets tacked on to the ticket.

    Not sure though, as we use a different ticketing system.  I know that's how Microsoft does it with casemail@microsoft.com...

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  • That's actually the first reasonable explanation I've heard, thanks.  Of course a well crafted regular expression still eliminates the need for "~ticid=" but that would be asking too much.

  • @Brian - I've shown this thread to our support team to see if they want to work the changes suggested in this thread into the ticketing system.  In terms of answering the "envelope" question it goes like this: the envelope icon is just whether or not you (the logged in user) has read the changes on that ticket.  If I read the latest on the ticket it will be an open envelope but closed for everyone else.  Its a per user "read" status indicator.