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  • Kaseya supporting is such a waste of time.  I opened a ticket few days ago and received a response within 10 minutes to get more details which I was happy about but then NO correspondence at all until I called last night.  Last Night rep was looking into it and said he will forward to a specialist, specialist then sends an email that it will be forwarded  to a specialist that works on EST time zone.  Now I just called and I am told specialist is at lunch and will call me later.  I can guarantee you that I will not get a call and I will have to follow up again later.  I personally don’t see ANY Improvement in support.  All Kaseya has done is add more people to juggle the ticket around.  It is VERY frustrating to make that payment monthly when we have to deal with this type of support.  I will honestly tell you that similar to many other Kaseya Users I am aggressively testing other products and as soon as I feel comfortable with one, I will certainly move over if Kaseya has not improved by that time.  I can’t believe I have not seen any progress to the support quality in months, if anything it has taken a down turn.  I don’t know how other vendors MUCH larger can get this process designed so well.  It is not very hard for a tech to be assigned to a ticket who can pick up the phone or schedule a call back so that he can talk on the phone and resolve the issue instead email requests for screen shots and wasting time.  Many of the issues can be resolved very quickly over the phone when both parties are simultaneously working on it.    Problems can be fixed much quicker, ticket will be closed much faster and Kaseya will have a MUCH happier client.  Instead of adding new modules / products I think Kaseya needs to go back to drawing board to fix the Support System.

    Does anyone Disagree?  Does anyone see support headed in t he right direction?  I welcome positive and negative feedback.  I dont see how anyone can see an improvment in support.

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  • Support has gotten better over the last 6 months or so, at least when we had an issue.

    While it's still lacking in some respects, it's a ton better than it was, say, a year ago.

  • Yep, I'm still seeing support having issues, but like Dan said, it is improving.

    So richie, what happens after you jump ship to product "B" and their support fails you? Then on to product "c"? Not healthy for you and your business to be working with lesser products. I suggest finding a way to engage the vendor (Kaseya) to help solve your problem (though this might require work on your part). I know we all want to just pay for a product/support, and have the vendor at our beck and call whenever we need them, but I don't find many vendors that actually can do this (that or you get a support guy from india answering the phone). So the approach I take is to challenge the vendor (Kaseya) to provide me the services levels we agreed to (many of us have done this with Kaseya, and we are seeing the benefit of it by iproved support... though not perfect). So every time I have a failure in support from them, I make it a point to bring it to their attention and ask for acknowledgement that they will address it. Over time I have found this type of feedback to also improve this situation, and I get less and less tickets with K that fall through the cracks.

  • @RICHIE - Sorry to hear you're frustrated.  We have and continue to work hard to improve things in customer service and support.  We've worked hard to ensure intake procedures, escalation, and routing procedures are working well, and while I know they aren't perfect, we at times are a victim of our own engineering, ie, routing to someone in your timezone sounds like a good idea, but may not always be the best way to serve a customer.  

    I've seen tips exchanged here with customers on how they get the "good" support, and most seem to open a ticket online first, put in as many details as possible including screenshots, etc, then they call customer service with that case number for routing to a specialist.

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