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Is it possible to 'Opt out' of specific forums?

  • We use MSITE so I have no interest in the status of the SAAS platform. Is it possible for us to opt out from even seeing these updates?

  • Depends on how you are viewing the forums.  If you're talking about emails from forums you don't wish to follow, then yes.  Visit the community via a web browser and go to the forum you wish to unsubscribe from.  Then on the right side you will see the email address for the forum and your subscription status.  Just click the word "Yes" and it should change to "No".  

    If you want to manage all your forum subscriptions go to: community.kaseya.com/.../default.aspx make sure you are on the "Home" tab and then on the right side you should have a link called "Manage Subscriptions" if you click on that link you'll find a list of all the forums and you can manage your subscriptions to each of them there.