Kaseya Community

Community emails twice

  • Is it just me or is this place doubleing up on the email notification?

  • Ha!

  • Ha!  

  • How could i resist?

  • Good one.  :)  

    @thirteentwenty - can you check the email headers for time stamps?  This is the first I've heard of it.  

  • Brendan,

    The same thing happened to me earlier today (hadn't happened before today).  I emailed you some examples with full messages and message headers.

  • Brendan: They are definitly duplicate items that are coming in at the same time.

    ghettomaster: I got::  HA HA HA HA How could I resist How could I resist :( its like an echo that will not stop

  • Oh good, it's not just our email setup going adrift then.

    At first I thought I was just going crazy.

  • So the content in the email is doubling as well as the emails?  I've been getting notifications all day and none have this.  

  • It's just the emails that are doubling up, not the content of the email...

    Although I think I may have figured it out...

    I think it's sending one for the thread post and one if you subscribe to the topic.  I just toggled all of my subscriptions to off and am only getting a single email now.