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Unfair UK Pricing Structure

  • I have just recently been in discussion with my Kaseya rep about the new offerings of Kaseya AV and AntiMalware, I have seen the advertised price as 8$ per seat. On enquiring what the cost would be in the UK I was advised £8 per seat and in Europe 8 Euros per seat.

    So my question is why we are being asked to pay more per seat in the UK than if we purchased in Euros or Dollars.

    8$ = £5.19

    8 Euros = £6.19

    Why are we paying £8 per seat in the UK nearly a 3rd more?

    This seems very unfair and puts me off purchasing anything further from Kaseya. I t makes me wonder how much more per seat we are paying for agents!

    Please if anyone knows otherwise then do correct me....I do hope I am being fed some dud info from my Kaseya rep.


  • Tim

    Don't personally get involved with costs for our company however this isn't exactly new in the UK is it?  In my experience the question is usually answered with mentions of differnet taxation levels etc.  Personally I think this is utter BS in most cases and as for these figures if true it's just Kaseya jumping on a very full bandwagon.

    Might be worth asking if you can pay in USD see if you can save a few quid.