Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies are a critical component of leading companies’ IT offerings today, giving employees the freedom and satisfaction of working on the devices that they prefer. Organizations implementing BYOD require a means of ensuring corporate control and security of enterprise data and applications, without controlling users’ personal use of devices or the personal data on them.

Join this highly informative webinar where Research Director, Steve Brasen of analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), and Mobility expert Jonathan Foulkes of Kaseya will share their experience and knowledge on how you find the balance between employee freedom and corporate security and the key elements that can help organizations achieve the right BYOD strategy.

Attend this webinar, and you’ll walk away with essential tips in the following areas:

1. Keeping corporate data secure in a BYOD model
2. Drawing the line between managing the data and the device
3. How your policy choices affect user productivity and acceptance of BYOD
4. How to reduce the effort and cost of BYOD management
5. Creating business value through BYOD

Webinar Slides: