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Deploy or Update to Quicktime 7.6.8 for Windows

I decided to write a Quicktime 7.6.8 deployment / update procedure after getting a notice today that Apple resolved some important security flaws in the previous version of Quicktime:

US-CERT: http://www.us-cert.gov/current/#apple_releases_quicktime_7_62

Apple Security: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4339

This zip file contains an XML which must be imported under the Agent Procedures tab using the Import Folder/Procedure button, available once you select a root folder you wish to have the Quicktime Procedures imported to.

You first need to download the new Quicktime installer from Apple. I do not have a static link for the installer, it is built every time you visit the Apple download page. If anyone has one to suggest please mention it here.


You need to download Quicktime 7.6.8 without iTunes, getting a file 'QuickTimeInstaller.exe' around 32MB.

This needs to be uploaded to your Kaseya server via the Agent Procedures tab using the Manage Files button, uploading the installer to your public folder (or private if you wish to go modify the procedure to pull from your own directory).

It is highly encouraged you have a File Source configured under Patch Management before attempting to use this procedure, otherwise you are looking at deploying a 32MB file that will be downloaded directly from your Kaseya server for each machine you execute it on.

This is a more advanced software deployment procedure, but the basic framework which it uses can easily be duplicated to deploy other types of software, so it should come in quite handy.

If you wish to update it to use a new version of Quicktime, you should need to just download the newest version to your Kaseya server again, and then update the procedure to use the 'version' that is present in the registry once that new version of Quicktime is installed, which as of this moment would be found under "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Apple Computer, Inc.\QuickTime", the key is called 'Version' and on 7.6.8 it is 124289024. You would also need to update the expected byte count for the file in the 'IF' check that looks for QuicktimeInstaller.exe.

You will find other information added as comments within the procedure itself.




  • Deploy or Update to Quicktime 7.6.8 for Windows


    I've been battling the install of Quicktime for 2 months now on our new Windows 7 x64 images.  I just tried your procedure and am having the same problem.  Quicktime installs fine.  However, the IE plugin does not register correctly for any user.  When trying to view a video from Apple's website, I just get the embedded quicktime window with a question mark in it.  The only thing I can do is run repair from Add/Remove programs to fix the problem.  Any ideas?


  • Deploy or Update to Quicktime 7.6.8 for Windows

    I bet you have to register the quicktime plugin as the user. See if you can modify the procedure to do this and post back the results -- you can do this on a 64-bit machine with a regsvr32 /s "C:\program files\quicktime\qtplugin.ocx" and regsvr32 /s "C:\program files (x86)\quicktime\qtplugin.ocx"

  • Deploy or Update to Quicktime 7.6.8 for Windows

    Found the issue.  (at least with building it as part of our initial image)  There is a registry entry:

    HKCU\Software\Apple Computer, Inc.\QuickTime\LocalUserPreferences\FolderPath.  This gets set to a location in the local Administrator's profile. (which all subsequent users, who grab the default profile can not access).  I fixed this by manually deleteing the contents of the entry right before I built the image.

    Now, regarding deploying via Kaseya... I'm pretty sure it has to do with registering the dll.  Becuase, If I manually registery the dll, then QT works correctly.  However, this manual register process triggers UAC.  So I'm betting UAC is what gets in the way when Kaseya tries to deploy it.

    For now, I just rebuilt our images.  However, this is the 2nd issue I've run into around UAC.  Wondering if I should turn it off via Group Policy???

  • Deploy or Update to Quicktime 7.6.8 for Windows

    If the DLL is registered with a Kaseya script, that might do the trick for all users. It should also not trigger UAC as we run as the SYSTEM account.