Traverse has a feature where administrations can define links to external sites that are accessible via the "Additional Tools" menu on the Web Application. The links can even contain device name, address, etc configuration information so that the context can be passed to another web based application. It is also possible to extend this functionality to launch SSH client or any other application on the local workstation. Here are the steps to add an option for SSH:

a. Copy the attached ZIP archive on Traverse BVE server.
b. Extract the contents directly under Traverse installation directory.
c. Restart the Web Application using "etc/webapp.init restart" (Linux/Solaris) or Traverse Service Controller (Windows).

In order to associate "ssh:" URLs with an application on Windows, you will need to copy "sshLauncher.reg" from plugin/help directory to a Windows workstation and double-click on the file to import the settings into registry. To change the application that is launched:

a. Run "regedit"
b. Navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT -> ssh -> shell -> open -> command
c. Provide full path to the executable (and associated parameters) for "(Default)" key

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