Hi all,

I'm trying to use the API to to run a bulk delete of tests on a particular host that are showing up as Unknown/Unavailable. 

I can get all of the tests with:

test.status "devicename=fqdn.example.com","status=unreacha ble"
310027|Unreachable|-3|85|95||00410506095437| CPU Utilization

I can see also that I could delete these tests (individually) with a 

test.delete "devicename=fqdn.example.com","testSerial=3100 27"

However, I need to do a bulk delete of all of the results listed from the first command. Is there a way to do complex or compound queries/actions within the API, or will I need to use perl to do it?

Here is a sample Perl script that uses BVE API server to retrieve list of tests in unknown state and deletes them. In order to run this script, place the script under plugin/utils directory:

  cd /usr/local/traverse
  etc/bveapi.init start
  plugin/utils/deleteUnknownTests.pl --user login1 --password secret1 \
  --device 'router*' --test 'Se-*Traffic*'

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