The UCD-HOST MIB provides for an "external process" to return back a result through SNMP, which can be quite useful to monitor statistics from a local machine without having to SSH into it. the MIB section is very well defined, so I will not go into details of it here, other than to reference it's base OID - .

One distinction of note - Traverse expects integer results, so you will need to ensure that the first line of output from your script provides an integer representation of the metric you wish to capture. 

In order to monitor these tests, save the attched signature to the TRAVERSE_HOME/plugin/monitors/ directory in your install, and then restart both the WebApp and DGE component. NOTE - this file must be copied to any/all DGE/DGE-x's that you wish to be able to monitor this type of test. If you are running version 5.5 of Traverse or higher, then the BVE will copy this file to all DGE's automatically for you as a configuration update.

Once this has been done, when you discover new tests, you can either scan the device with the 'snmp' monitor type, or you can select it from the Application Profile dropdown, as "UCD-SNMP External Scripts".

In this case, I will use our bind9 monitor extension as an example (

These represent the 5 entries I have defined in the SNMP agent on our DNS server. The tests will be created as raw counters, so if you wish to change to a rate-based test, you will need to further edit the tests once they have been provisioned. The Test Name that is disovered for each test is also dictated by the test definition on the server you are monitoring.