I have an Eaton switched ePDU in a server room here in our office -- quite a nice piece of equipment to have your racked servers hooked up to.

Attached is a monitoring template for use with Kaseya Network Monitor to collect a few statistics from it (Amps, Volt-Amps, Temperature, Humidity...).

Nothing is setup for alarming out of the box but you can very easily go add your own alarm parameters once you import it and add it to a device.

Some screenshots below of what KNM looks like with the monitor set applied along with a screenshot of Eaton's remote web interface.

Quite handy for remote power cycles of stuck servers or devices and if I get enough support I'm going to look at adding integrated control of the PDU power ports into Kaseya, perhaps through Quick View :)

I also created a monitor template for the Eaton UPS, model 5PX 1500 R2TU, available in this same Resources section.

If you end up using this monitor template be sure you chime in and report how things are going!