This is a Monitoring script for Kaseya that will query an VMWare ESX host for the CIM hardware data. If it finds any failures it reports back to calling script that a failure is seen and creates a Windows event log entry that we can then use Kaseya's Event Log monitor to alarm on.

The event log set is included in the zip package along with all needed scripts and the current version of VMware's vSphere SDK. I have also included in the main script the call to the SDK installer scripts that will push SDK down and install if needed. This makes this script really easy to deploy.

Deploy this script a few times a day to a windows host, tie in a log monitor using the event set and your good to go.  I windows host can monitor 1 ESX host, If you need a host to monitor multiple hosts then copy main script and rename for each host to monitor and then reschedule each script with the Windows host.


Cubert Geeked

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